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North Florida Christian captured their eighth football title in school history by defeating Champagnat Catholic, 28-20, on Friday for the 2A title in Orlando. [Read More]
History was made on Thursday afternoon in Orlando as the Madison County Cowboys won a second-straight football title after blowing out Baker, 48-6, marking the... [Read More]
The evidence was presented at a meeting in Oban where campaigners say there is frustration at a lack of action. [Read More]
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The celebration continued for the Florida State women's soccer team on Wednesday as the Seminoles were honored by city leaders for their second title in... [Read More]
Madison County, Florida may be a far cry from the Wild West, but there's no doubt the Cowboys are all set to giddy up this... [Read More]
A report claims the closure of power stations to meet emissions targets is hiding a lack of progress in other areas. [Read More]
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Sepa is opening an early-warning system which will help locations including Kirkwall, Scapa and Stromness prepare for rising water. [Read More]
A new reports suggests planning laws need tightened to protect landscapes from vehicle tracks. [Read More]
The value of the oil and gas grew by 18.2% to around £20bn while production from Scottish waters falls. [Read More]
Oil and Gas UK warns potential difficulties accessing EU workers could lead to platform shutdowns. [Read More]
Oil and Gas UK warns potential difficulties accessing EU workers could lead to platform shutdowns. [Read More]
Police and wildlife experts say some drones are being flown dangerously close to breeding birds and animals. [Read More]
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The device, off Orkney, has generated more electricity in its first year than the entire sector produced before it. [Read More]
If you're a Godby Cougars fan, you'd probably consider Corey Fuller's first year a success. [Read More]
Tuesday was another day of empty practice fields at Florida State, but that doesn't mean the Seminoles aren't putting in work. [Read More]
Week two of fall camp continues for Florida A&M, and for those who have been able to watch, there's a name you haven't been able... [Read More]
But moorland managers say the conclusions of the research into mountain hares are at odds with their own experience. [Read More]
The industry hopes to have bred enough sea lice eating wrasse to aid salmon farmers within the next three years. [Read More]
The Scottish Creel Fishermen's Federation say "little progress" has been made by ministers. [Read More]
Last season, the Florida High football team fell just one game short of the 3A state title. [Read More]
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