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The topic, "The Judgement of Paris," has roots in Greek Mythology. [Read More]
If you find a piece of glass with the initials "LCT" on it, consider yourself lucky. [Read More]
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"The real voyage of discovery," French writer Marcel Proust reportedly said, "consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." [Read More]
Antiques, imagination help Grosse Pointe Farms collector craft one-of-a-kind home. [Read More]
Art deco vase has classic design. [Read More]
Six words written on the top left are mostly illegible, with a signature directly underneath. [Read More]
Diane Russell's questions revolved around an item she bought at a resale/consignment shop in Ann Arbor. The subject matter? A "Cathedral in Prague." [Read More]
Sculptor's screen print is atypical and not what collectors would be expecting from the artist. [Read More]
Nadine Vadasy attended Detroit's Center for Creative Studies (now College for Creative Studies) so she's familiar with the name and work of Georges Braque. She... [Read More]
After returning from the Middle East, retirees rediscover the city and a historic neighborhood... [Read More]
While it may be impossible to rid our living environments of all harmful chemicals, making informed and smart choices can help you reduce them. [Read More]
He bought it for $7, and now it's worth $3,000-$4,000, an appraiser says. [Read More]
Artist David Klein also did Broadway show cards and posters... [Read More]
Doris Miller acquired a later version of the lounge chairs and matching ottoman in the 1980s... [Read More]
Perennially popular for romantic holidays such as Valentine's and Sweetest Days, as well as for birthdays and anniversaries, jewelry has long been a "go-to" gift.... [Read More]
Ansel Adams is an iconic American photographer, and his works bring high prices... [Read More]
And while it looks like painting, it's actually a colored etching... [Read More]
She'll be at this weekend's Novi Home Show at the Suburban Collection... [Read More]
Getting organized is at the top of the list of my New Year's resolutions... [Read More]
Icart is a French artist best known for his drawings of glamourous women and scenes of 1920s Paris life... [Read More]
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