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a top-ranked tennis player and well-known athlete - suffers from DVT and has experienced two Pulmonary Embolisms (PE). The last one occurred after she gave... [Read More]
There's no reason to suffer from seasonal allergies.  During the spring and summer in St. Louis, ragweed and grasses can often be to blame.  In... [Read More]
Turn Restaurant joins Kim Hudson in the kitchen to whip up some yummy vegan tacos! INGREDIENTS: 1 cup Diced Jack Fruit ½ cup Diced Mango... [Read More]
ST. LOUIS-   Matthew Borchardt from Edibles & Essentials joins Kim Hudson in the FOX 2 kitchen and makes delicious Fried Green Tomatoes with a Crab Salad!... [Read More]
Rashes, open sores, even fungal infections could happen to those who have lost over 100 pounds but have excess skin.  SLUCare plastic surgeon, Dr. Sumesh... [Read More]
Body fat is a trait we all share, but some have a more fraught relationship with it than others. We need fat to insulate and... [Read More]
The Great Forest Park Balloon Race launched Saturday afternoon with a Sickle-Cell warrior and her father on their first flight during Sickle-Cell Awareness Month. Add... [Read More]
ST. LOUIS -  Chef Kyle Parks, L'École Culinaire Instructor joined Kim Hudson in the FOX 2 kitchen for some delicious Lemon treats!  Lemonade  1... [Read More]
The family of a 6-year-old murdered in 2002 remembered her Saturday morning with a children's safety fair in Valley Park, Mo. "She loved the critters.... [Read More]
ST. LOUIS- Enjoy Christmas in July with Royal Icing from Pint Size Bakery & Coffee INGREDIENTS: 3 egg whites 1 lb powdered sugar ¼ tsp... [Read More]
ST. LOUIS-Cinnamon Roll Icing from Lady Goo Goo Cakes INGREDIENTS & DIRECTIONS: Combine 3/4 cup powdered sugar 3 tbs melted margarine 1/2 tablespoon vanilla Dolls... [Read More]
ST. LOUIS- Enjoy Christmas in July with Royal Icing from Pint Size Bakery & Coffee INGREDIENTS: 3 egg whites 1 lb powdered sugar ¼ tsp... [Read More]
The Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium offers the Out to Sea Shark Dive Experience in Springfield, MO. It is not every day you... [Read More]
In the shadow of the John Cochran Veterans Affairs Medical Center, union workers at the facility held a rally. The workers, members of the American... [Read More]
The opioid addiction crisis often impacts cancer patients who are just trying to spend precious last moments with loved ones.  Patients with terminal cancer can... [Read More]
It's a party before the party. This Thursday, a St. Louis restaurant will host an event to benefit BackStoppers, as the organization gears up for... [Read More]
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Imagine receiving a life-changing diagnosis, but because of obesity, you are not qualified for treatment until you lose weight.   Obesity interventions currently available are behavioral... [Read More]
things are a buzz on the rooftop of the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in the Central West End. Last May the Chase received two bee... [Read More]
Kidney stones have been described as the worst pain a human can feel.  Subtle signs of kidney stones include pain on one side of the... [Read More]
"Increased frequency of urination, urgency, feeling like when you have to go you absolutely have to go you can't wait."  These are just a few... [Read More]
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