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Prices at Goodwill range, from around $3 for a pillow or about $4.50 for a pair of jeans, so customers are confused as to why... [Read More]
Savanna Morris refuses to give up. She's been looking for her father, Bill Lange, ever since he suddenly disappeared almost three years ago. "I have... [Read More]
There are several Pine Pantries around Oklahoma City, and the idea is basically leave what you can and take what you need. On Wednesday, a reason... [Read More]
We're seeing the trickle-down effects of what is now the longest government shutdown in United States history. Now, the government shutdown is brewing up trouble... [Read More]
Foley Smith has a passion for music "Music is almost omnipresent in human lives in my opinion," said Smith, a senior at Capitol Hill High... [Read More]
Fluorescent flowers, goats so big you can walk under, and art that sounds beautiful, it's the experience you'll have beyond these four doors. "The theme... [Read More]
The Elk Valley Brewing Company founder hopes his new midtown location will be filled to the brim with customers when it opens in a couple... [Read More]
14-year-old Andrea is a very sweet girl who loves to laugh. "I like to go swimming. I like to play volleyball. My favorite ice cream... [Read More]
14-year-old Cole Hancock started doing tricks on the trampoline almost two years ago. Learning from YouTubers and his friends, he was about ready to take... [Read More]
Demarco Davis looks at life through the lens of a camera most days. Photography a big part of his life. But his first years of... [Read More]
"Told me that I was fat, and I was ugly and that I didn't have a reason to be living," said Abigail Siglin. Hurtful words... [Read More]
Zach is only 13 yet very in tune with where he's at in life and where he wants to be. He's easygoing and has big... [Read More]
A metro woman out shopping encountered a peeping Tom watching her change. It happened in northwest Oklahoma City. Now, Oklahoma City police are hoping you... [Read More]
There are now two scooter companies in Oklahoma City. The latest one is called Lime, which will have 250 scooters. Mayor David Holt took one... [Read More]
15-year-old Domenick loves anything Pokémon! His caregivers say he's calm, curious and very smart. "I like Dialga, Tina, Palkia, Pikachu, Lycanroc," Domenick said. He says he... [Read More]
There's a new athletic club opening this fall in northwest Oklahoma City. It has the typical gym and yoga studios but includes a full spa,... [Read More]
14-year-old Jaycee isn't practicing for a martial arts competition. She's learning how to defend herself from bullies at school "There is some physical things that... [Read More]
OKLAHOMA CITY – Surrounded by concrete and tall buildings, Kerr Park is meant to be a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of... [Read More]
"Just part of growing up."  "A rite of passage." These are just some of the phrases people use to dismiss bullying. But these days, bullying... [Read More]
As 18-year-old Allen Sioux embarks on a new journey into adulthood, he's ready to see life differently. "Probably the best money I ever spent, and... [Read More]
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