Author: Larry Barker

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Years ago, taxpayers shelled out millions of dollars to construct a gargantuan public building in Mora, New Mexico (44,00 sq. ft, $12.1M ). …... [Read More]
It's a City of Albuquerque expenditure so obscure only a handful of public officials know about it, yet it's costing taxpayers millions of dollars. It... [Read More]
Inside this Story: A Sample PNM Invoice, The Letter from the City to PNM, Statement from PNM regarding our story... [Read More]
Ground zero for this latest UNM Athletic Department scandal is "The Pit," UNM's unique basketball arena. It involves hundreds of thousands of dollars, reckless accounting... [Read More]
First it was that Scotland golf junket at public expense. Now, it's mismanaged financial accounts in Loboland. [Read More]
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