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A Davenport teacher is trying to fill a need, after seeing some of her students stuck on the sidelines during recess this winter. The school... [Read More]
With salt being in such high demand, stores are running out. [Read More]
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The round-table discussion was open and free to the general public. [Read More]
One church's congregation is growing and now they are getting a bigger space... [Read More]
Workers and customers started coughing because of the pepper spray, so they called 9-1-1. [Read More]
A Milan woman said she was nearly duped by a scam phone call because the caller knew her Social Security number. [Read More]
Moline Fire hires new employees to help respond to calls faster... [Read More]
The Coyne family invited local leaders out to have a conversation... [Read More]
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There were over 100 different beers to try... [Read More]
Over 80 artists sold their unique work... [Read More]
Outdoor activities are crucial to learning... [Read More]
The grant  requires the city to provide a 10% match... [Read More]
There are 44 different languages spoken in East Moline... [Read More]
Community came together to support a local young man... [Read More]
He looks for potential security threats... [Read More]
In Iowa, about 75% of the corn and soybeans are in good to excellent condition. ... [Read More]
This year we have our whole statewide ticket... [Read More]
The Dan Nagle Walnut Grove Pioneer Village hosted a Labor Day weekend festival this weekend. [Read More]
Over 60 local organizations participated... [Read More]
The tree ripped out of the ground and fell onto two roofs... [Read More]
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