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The findings provide additional evidence that the processing of social rewards by people with schizophrenia is disrupted, researchers say. [Read More]
The national project will include a center of excellence focused on schizophrenia that is not well-controlled by medications. [Read More]
Susan Bookheimer, the Joaquin Fuster Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCLA, received the 2018 Glass Brain Award from the Organization of Human Brain ... [Read More]
UCLA researchers studied FDDNP, a molecular tracer that binds with proteins called tau and amyloid, and which indicates the location and extent of abnormal ... [Read More]
one in the brains of people with heroin addiction and the other in the brains of sleepy mice - shed light on chemical messengers that... [Read More]
Researchers engineered a hydrogel that, when injected into the brain, thickens to create a scaffolding into which blood vessels and neurons can grow. [Read More]
UCLA's Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael has received the 2018 Bernard Sanberg Memorial Award for Brain Repair. [Read More]
Researchers link sedentary behavior to thinning in a brain region that is critical for memory. [Read More]
UCLA neuroscientist encourages the use of exercises to challenge people with obsessive compulsive disorder to confront what bothers them most. [Read More]
If the findings are replicated, measuring levels of interleukin 6 could help doctors decide which patients with depression would be best suited for treatment ... [Read More]
"If the results ... are replicated in future studies, the methods we used could potentially give clinicians a new predictive tool," said UCLA doctoral student... [Read More]
Most medical conditions are largely defined by their physical symptoms. Psychiatric illnesses, however, are largely defined by a person's behavior. A new study challenges that... [Read More]
The substance's beneficial properties might be due to its ability to reduce inflammation, which has been linked to both Alzheimer's disease and major ... [Read More]
The scientists identified factors that can set the stage for disorders like schizophrenia, depression and ADHD that appear later in life. [Read More]
The study shows that treatments tailored for different disabilities caused by MS could be more effective than treatments intended to target multiple different ... [Read More]
The research confirms that genuine concern for others' pain plays a causal role in how people make decisions when they face moral dilemmas. [Read More]
Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl, who directs UCLA's multiple sclerosis program, has been selected as the recipient of an award from the Berlin Institute of Health. [Read More]
A UCLA study has found that moderate daily walks improve attention and mental skills for adults ages 60 and older. [Read More]
UCLA professor Emanuel Maidenberg on how to use tact and timing to limit the potential negative fallout from sharing surprising news during the holidays. [Read More]
An early-career experience shaped Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl's work investigating why some diseases behave differently in females and males. [Read More]
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