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If you're visiting the UK any time soon, there are some things you ought to know. [Read More]
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Ariana Grande just dropped a new track. "7 Rings" is a "flex" and a "friendship anthem," she said. But while the message is uplifting, it... [Read More]
Narcissists know exactly who to target. Often they go after people with high levels of empathy. But they also target people who are type... [Read More]
Scientists from 16 countries have revealed a diet that they say could save the planet and prevent 11.6 million people from dying prematurely every year.... [Read More]
The Netflix documentary "The American Meme" shows how social media stars and influencers live their lives. Stars like DJ Khalid, Emily Ratajkowski, Josh Ostrovsky (The... [Read More]
Anyone who goes to Maria Island will see a sign that reads 'I take this pledge to respect and protect the furred and feathered residents... [Read More]
Showing off your wealth and expensive clothes and cars is known as "flexing." According to research, it doesn't help you make friends. Everyone likes to... [Read More]
The Weeknd's new song "Lost in the Fire" has racked up seven million streams on Spotify in the few days since its release. But not... [Read More]
Cathay Pacific Airways isn't having the best start to 2019. In its second blunder of the year, the airline sold first class tickets from Hong... [Read More]
narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy - rely on manipulating other people as their source of power. They thrive off crea... [Read More]
A new study has shown how eating certain anti-inflammatory foods could be linked to a longer life. These foods include fruits and vegetables, coffee, red... [Read More]
Elon Musk seems exhausted. The Tesla CEO told the New York Times that he's been logging 120-hour work weeks lately, and it's taking a toll... [Read More]
Men's anger is often fuelled by fear, according to a psychologist. Anger is a secondary emotion which means there is typically always something else underneath... [Read More]
Relationships are full of milestones, but one of the biggest ones is moving in together. We asked millennials what they wish they'd known before they... [Read More]
No Isolation Loneliness affects 20-40% of the entire population at some point. Everyone from a four-year-old child to an 80-year-old in a care... [Read More]
A flight attendant has apparently lost her job after being proposed to while she was working. Her former employer, China Eastern Airlines, said she abandoned... [Read More]
Scent is an important part of mate selection. The way someone smells can either make them attractive or really off-putting. According to a new study,... [Read More]
Bogdan Sonjachnyj / Shutterstock Scent is an important part of mate selection. The way someone smells can either make them attractive or really... [Read More]
As many as 30% of people will experience some fear of flying in their life. According to a recent survey, people with a fear of... [Read More]
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A new study has shown cow's milk is good for the body. People who had 3.2 daily servings of low-fat dairy products had a lower... [Read More]
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