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Those 15-inch 4K OLED laptops teased at CES come one step closer to reality. [Read More]
Owners are complaining about backlight problems in the MacBook Pro 2016 and later, possibly because of the cable connection design. [Read More]
Microsoft's new education tech includes $300-and-under partner laptops and a kid-friendly Surface-compatible stylus. [Read More]
In what looks like an authentic leaked build of post-Pie Android, Google's made permissions a lot more granular with better reporting. [Read More]
Verizon customers will be able to sign on starting in March. [Read More]
Verizon customers will be able to sign on starting in March. [Read More]
As of the latest preview build of Windows 10 they're splitting amicably. [Read More]
It would reportedly be launched in an exclusive partnership with Verizon. [Read More]
A mention of Apple's long-awaited wireless charging pad surfaced in the company's online store early Wednesday. [Read More]
It hasn't yet brought the Surface Hub 2 collaboration platform to general availability, but Microsoft's outlined the Hub strategy in broad strokes. [Read More]
A new entry for "iPad2018Fall" in iOS 12.1 has apparently appeared in its onboarding code. [Read More]
Because your options need to change as your kids get older. [Read More]
It's been working on AR glasses to complement its Oculus VR headset, but now it looks like it wants to design its own silicon. [Read More]
These purported leaked press shots show the relative sizes of the two phones and the cases. [Read More]
The company takes a second shot at garnering some love for its relaunched gaming line by targeting enthusiasts. [Read More]
Many competitive and co-op games will require you to join Nintendo Switch Online. Fortnite gets a pass, as will some others. [Read More]
The phone maker, which has stuck with the 3.5mm jack long past competitors, plans to drop it from its next model. [Read More]
The $299 buds come with a shiny stainless steel charging case. [Read More]
This year's launch event unveiled the pricey new iPhones and the new Apple Watch Series 4 takes on some serious health monitoring. [Read More]
Apple highlighted the two iPhones' speed improvements with a demo of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls: Blades and a multiplayer AR arcade game. [Read More]
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