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Nintendo Directs are always a treat, with their rapid-fire trailers and reveals that inevitably go viral, and today's presentation was no different. The big news... [Read More]
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Don't worry about wooly wrecks - you couldn't hit those sheep even if you tried. [Read More]
Because who doesn't love free stuff and doubled dinero? [Read More]
Get a lay of the land and figure out the best spot to drop in Black Ops 4's new Blackout mode. [Read More]
Just one more reason to keep coming back to the Next content. [Read More]
Things are never so simple as 'point and shoot' when you've spotted a hostile target in VR. You might have the bead on an unsuspecting... [Read More]
Fortnite sure knows how to stir its gazillion-strong playerbase into an excited frenzy: tease them with bizarre changes to the map, then drop a huge... [Read More]
If crowdfunding success stories have shown us anything, it's that there's still plenty of demand for old-school, isometric RPGs. Modern classics like Divinity: Original Sin,... [Read More]
Former Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith took high school coaches to a strip club on recruiting trips, abused a drug and was the... [Read More]
Read the full report below this story. [Read More]
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