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At the age of 17 Matthew Rossi really believes there is nothing he can't do including conquering the ACT. [Read More]
Inside Solon Bicycle, there is every kind of bike imaginable, says owner Dan Sirkin. [Read More]
Negligence left 6-year-old Kyrie Houze stranded on the school bus on Tuesday Sept. 4. [Read More]
Parma police officer Patrick Cullivan knows first hand what it's like to be exposed to the dangerous drug fentanyl. [Read More]
There are pictures that show total destruction. [Read More]
Some teachers say their classrooms were 90 degrees, and that was with fans blowing. [Read More]
Residents are so worried, not only for their safety, but for everyone who lives on this street. [Read More]
A hole in the fence wide enough to pull a wagon through; it was where thieves dragged vegetables they stole from the Coit Road farmers... [Read More]
If it seems like this construction project in Middleburg Heights never ends, it's because it hasn't. [Read More]
It happened here on July 14th; an execution style shooting. Police say this car driven by 35-year-old Gianni Gray pulled next to the car with... [Read More]
When you saw the smoke and the massive fire, you knew Fernway Elementary sustained major damage. And after seeing video from Drone 19, it became... [Read More]
The water running down Homestead Park Drive in Strongsville has been flowing for days, and the deluge of rain on Monday didn't help. [Read More]
From her front porch Christine Malloy saw dark smoke around 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon,... [Read More]
At only 16, Yedial Mendez knows what happened in this video is wrong. [Read More]
On the outside it looks like any other restaurant, but on the inside they are definitely grilling something special. [Read More]
There were 14 rallies around Ohio, there was also one in downtown Cleveland on Saturday. [Read More]
He tells us, "If you want a job with me, please apply. I have jobs for anyone who wants them in landscaping." [Read More]
These faces represent the thousands of kids who are trying to understand why their parents face deportation. [Read More]
First Tee golf program in Cleveland is teaching the game of golf to the youth.Executive director Pat LoPresti says this program is a whole in... [Read More]
For Laura, social media has been her emotional therapy in her journey with breast cancer. [Read More]
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