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Navigating the judicial process is not easy, especially for a crime victim. But a grant will give all 42 of Alabama's judicial circuit courts money... [Read More]
A major part of former President George H.W. Bush's legacy is when he signed the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. [Read More]
Damaged roads and worn down bridges are problems counties leaders have tried to fix for years. [Read More]
After eight years, term limits is prompting State Treasurer Young Boozer to leave office. He looks back at what he's called accomplishments during his term. [Read More]
Some Alabama farmers expected to make more money for 2018. However, they say with the constant wet weather, it might not happen. [Read More]
Tara Hutchison, the Department of Labor communications director, said Alabama has broken employment numbers for the fourth month in a row and more businesses are... [Read More]
ADOC acknowledges it was not in compliance with the May and June deadlines. [Read More]
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The Alabama Film Office is always trying to attract production companies to the state. The Alabama Tourism Department said this helps the economy. [Read More]
State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey said he wants $20 million for school security. [Read More]
The two candidates are fighting for the state's top job. [Read More]
Dr. Joseph Erardi has a perspective on school safety few others can imagine. [Read More]
Here's a guide to Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey's priorities and how he's trying to budget for them. [Read More]
The Alabama Department of Transportation created an interstate lane-reversal plan, also called a contraflow plan, when evacuating people from the Gulf Coast. [Read More]
Several candidates running for statewide offices spoke Tuesday afternoon at a forum. [Read More]
After the 9/11 attack, the federal government realized there was not enough communication between local, state and federal law enforcement. The state created the Alabama... [Read More]
Thousands of students heard the sounds of planes and jets swooshing across their heads Friday morning.  ... [Read More]
It is day three of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, and part of it has been filled with protests in Washington D.C. ... [Read More]
For some people, a doctor's appointment could be as easy as going to school and turning on a camera. [Read More]
Schools in Alabama are placing mental health counselors for students to visit during hours. [Read More]
Schools may have a way to stop opioid overdose deaths on their campuses.  ... [Read More]
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