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Leading nature lovers in Morgan County want to remind you not to let your guard down when you're taking a jaunt on your local trails. [Read More]
A historic Indiana festival nearly a century old is on the hunt for a new generation of volunteers to keep the fun alive. [Read More]
A cemetery is not a junk yard. That's the message leaders at Indiana's Department of Natural Resources want to make clear after someone dumped a... [Read More]
Hoosier? Boomer? Borker? The list goes on and on, and the Marion County Sheriff's Office wants all your ideas for its newest pooch-on-patrol. [Read More]
An Indianapolis man went on a mission to reunite a mother with a priceless and irreplaceable item. And his good deed paid off. [Read More]
Investigators arrested an employee at a central-Indiana prison after they say they found more than 100 cell phones concealed inside his car. [Read More]
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For the third year in a row, Mayor Mark Myers is hoping a particular sales tax will pass.  The extra funds would go toward hiring... [Read More]
Can you imagine living next to a house with yard piled high with stacks of tires? That's the real situation for one east-side home and... [Read More]
Football is at the forefront of the women's sport push and now, more so than ever, it is essential we don't drop the ball... [Read More]
While a jail escapee has been caught, a couple's furry best friend remains on the loose after he escaped because of that human escapee. [Read More]
Creepy clown reports are popping up across the country, including here in Indiana. But now, we're hearing from an actual, honest clown who is not... [Read More]
In a story you'll see only on RTV6, we're talking to a southeast-side mother who used her gun for the very first time ever in... [Read More]
Every year, $260 billion in items are returned or exchanged by shoppers. But where does it all go? A lot of it goes to Liquidity... [Read More]
People are on edge in Bargersville after several home break-ins, including a few in which residents woke up to find a man standing just a... [Read More]
We're working to make sure you have your head on a swivel, because thieves are reminding us: They're not just on a holiday schedule. They're... [Read More]
We're just learning the number of Hoosiers who have brought the Zika virus back to Indiana is far more than previously believed -- nearly 50... [Read More]
A local babysitter stands accused of molesting a child she was supposed to be taking care of, and police don't know where 47-year-old Marleeta Cox... [Read More]
There are now hundreds of new flashing yellow lights in school zones across the city. But with new technology comes questions, and we're ready to... [Read More]
While apes don't speak English the way you do, we're now learning (thanks to an Indianapolis orangutan) more about language as a whole. [Read More]
While most schools are re-opening after being closed for just a summer, there's one that's re-opening after being closed for 5 years. [Read More]
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