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One called the organizers "the most useless, unprofessional gaggle of egotistical LA idiots I ever had the obligation of working with." [Read More]
Roc Nation is suing for breach of contract, claiming the insurer has "wrongfully denied coverage." [Read More]
"He doesn't believe in keto. He's just an a - - hole." [Read More]
A spy said that the show went better than her Miami outing but that Haddish did seem to be drunk at the Cellar. [Read More]
"Carol was convinced she had certain allergies which prevented her from eating much other than the dried chicken she'd carry with her wherever she went." [Read More]
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Hearst has a hired former entertainment director at Interview Randi Peck as executive director of talent. We're told the role is a newly created position... [Read More]
"Folks didn't even realize she was there until later in the night," said a source. [Read More]
"Elisabeth is terrified about what [Setoodeh's book] says about her relationship with Barbara Walters and the other co-hosts," said a source. [Read More]
Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and the Clintons padded around the halls identifying which historical figures slept where years ago. [Read More]
"They've been quietly seeing each other for a few months and they seem very happy," one source told Page Six. [Read More]
A British spy at the show told us, "She wore her sunglasses throughout the performance. She only took them off for intermission." [Read More]
The couple, who've been married for two years, revealed on his show last season that they had been trying for a baby for a long... [Read More]
Editor of the New York Review of Books Ian Buruma is out at the publication following swift backlash over a self-serving essay by Jian Ghomeshi. [Read More]
"F - -k you and f - - k him." [Read More]
"A bullet ricocheted off the target during practice and grazed my instructors hand, which is very rare but does happen," she said. [Read More]
"We didn't get extensive [firearms] training. I'm not gonna lie, it was maybe an hour." [Read More]
He's claiming "severe emotional distress." [Read More]
"Having an emotional reaction to it gets you off track," the author said. [Read More]
"They've told Faye she can't talk to them that way, and she asks, 'Do you know who I am? . . . Then she screams, 'I am... [Read More]
Buffett performed "Margaritaville," changing the lyrics to center on Montauk, with Wyclef Jean on bongos. [Read More]
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