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My husband is an amazing ba'al tefillah. [Read More]
Jair Bolsonaro (Udo Kurt) [Read More]
View of the nuclear reactor in Dimona in southern Israel. (Moshe Shai/FLASH90) [Read More]
Last week, we took the kids for a quick vacation in the north of the country. [Read More]
Making aliyah is hard. [Read More]
Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis may wear a cross around his neck, but his dugout celebrations for home runs are purely Jewish. [Read More]
Stanford student Hamzeh Daoud threatened to "physically fight...Zionists on campus." He has resigned his post as a residential assistant. [Read More]
So, Ahed Tamimi was released from an Israeli jail after serving seven months of an eight-month sentence. [Read More]
The IDF said that the Syrian civilians were evacuated from the war zone in southern Syria "due to an immediate threat to their lives." [Read More]
We made aliyah 18 years ago because we wanted to live in a Jewish state. [Read More]
JERUSALEM A Conservative rabbi in Israel was awakened by police early Thursday morning and taken in for questioning over performing an illegal ma... [Read More]
Actor politely declines invitation to stick around for the ceremony itself... [Read More]
The egalitarian prayer section of the Western Wall is in the news again and the news is politics prevail. [Read More]
A letter written by Albert Einstein on the day he renounced his German citizenship... [Read More]
Adam Sandler wasn't in "Wedding Crashers," but he plays the part well. [Read More]
I love watching kites flying in the air. [Read More]
It rained Tuesday. While this may not seem like an unusual occurrence, let me remind you that I...... [Read More]
It rained Tuesday. [Read More]
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Conversion is definitely on the minds of Israel's Chief Rabbinate, and probably most rabbis here for that matter. [Read More]
Before we made aliyah, I had no idea what the Eurovision song contest was. [Read More]
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