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If you're throwing your entire arsenal at codling moths this year, wait a minute. James Taipale, Emmett, may have found an easy -- effective --... [Read More]
Various methods of vegetative propagation allows you to "clone" new sprouts from existing plants. [Read More]
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The growing season is drawing to a close, and vegetable gardeners have had some successes and some failures. Some are complaining about small tomatoes, and... [Read More]
Marietta and Ernie O'Byrne, who garden near Eugene, Oregon, have a new book, "A Tapestry Garden," that shows off their 70-acre wonderland. [Read More]
From tomatoes and beans to peaches and pears, my Boise garden is producing a lot of awesome food and seeds. [Read More]
Sunflowers are common and simple, but they're immeasurably cheerful tokens of our summer outdoors. If you can beat the squirrels and birds to the seeds,... [Read More]
Gardening usually yields surprises – some happy, some frustrating. [Read More]
As tomatoes ripen, consider saving seeds of the best open-pollinated varieties you're growing. If you try to save seeds of a hybrid tomato, even one... [Read More]
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The pests are said to be a predator of aphids, but this time of year, there are many beneficial insects eating aphids. Earwigs are turning... [Read More]
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It's time to start your broccoli and cabbage, and it's almost time for your carrots and beets, so everything will be ready to go by... [Read More]
The Idaho Rose Society does good work at the Julia Davis Park Rose Garden and helps gardeners throughout the Treasure Valley. [Read More]
Applying diatomaceous earth (DE) might be your best option to get rid of some pests, but don't use the DE sold for swimming pools, and... [Read More]
The time is now to conserve water as if it were scarce. Soaker hoses, drip irrigation and Xeriscaping help reduce water use. [Read More]
There are five ways to dehydrate herbs: in a dehydrator, outdoors on a rack, hanging bunches under cover, in the microwave and in pillowcases. It's... [Read More]
Male trees produce pollen, which we're seeing on everything in the Treasure Valley, while female trees produce fruit, cones, nuts, large seeds and other things. [Read More]
Make sure you harden off plants before transplanting them outside or they can die. [Read More]
As we enter this new gardening season, there are a few things to remember. Of course you can ignore these suggestions, since you are the... [Read More]
The Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network has issued warnings about the disease, which might not become really apparent until the weather warms up completely. [Read More]
Wait for the snow to disappear from Shafer Butte before putting frost-tender plants in the ground. [Read More]
Heucheras require little maintenance, and are rarely affected by disease or insects. [Read More]
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