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The guitar-wielding hero of the numerous "Pete the Cat" books has millions of young fans, and it's easy to see why. The feline whose simple... [Read More]
A little known but quirkily amusing tale by Ludwig Bemelmans, author of the popular series of picture books about spirited French school girl Madeline, forms... [Read More]
"Big Fish" anchors its rich fantasy life in the emotionally complex story of the fraught relationship between an irrepressibly imaginative father who is nearing death... [Read More]
Shadowbox Live's crisp, clever "Hellraiser" combines sharply defined musical numbers and a few fresh sketches for a broadly entertaining evening.Some of the sketches cover ground... [Read More]
On a summer night in 2013, nine years after they attended high school together, four young people return to the fictional town of New Canaan,... [Read More]
Warehouse Theatre's Sam Shepard festival, celebrating the work of the playwright who died last year, gets off to a strong start with an exhilarating, dynamic... [Read More]
Simon Winchester's fascinating study of some of the people, many of them relatively unknown, who have made today's technology possible begins in the not-too-distant past.According... [Read More]
Martina McBride closed out the Lancaster Festival on a pleasantly cool Saturday night with a sweet-natured, leisurely concert that touched the bases of her best-known... [Read More]
Although she had written novels, poetry and nonfiction before, Paula McLain didn't hit it big until she published "The Paris Wife," a novel from the... [Read More]
In the wrong hands, "Next to Normal" could be impossibly bleak, a melodramatic descent into one family's private hell.Under the direction of Robert Barry Fleming,... [Read More]
More than novelists, maybe, writers of personal essays leave their fingerprints all over their work.I'm willing to bet that anyone who has read one or... [Read More]
More than novelists, maybe, writers of personal essays leave their fingerprints all over their work.I'm willing to bet that anyone who has read one or... [Read More]
"Snoopy!" is the sort of straightforward musical that doesn't necessarily demand much from either its audience or the company producing it.Its story is slight, its... [Read More]
The stories in the fierce new collection by the author of the novel "Fates and Furies" are not all set in Florida, but each is... [Read More]
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"Sex, Love, and Rock 'n' Roll" is the title of the latest Shadowbox Live sketch comedy show.It could just as easily be the title for... [Read More]
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Midlife crises might be few and far between, argues journalist Jonathan Rauch, but "midlife malaise" is widespread."The Happiness Curve" ranges through scientific research and in-depth... [Read More]
Boisterous and sharply intelligent, Warehouse Theatre's vibrant production of "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" is a treat for both the mind and the senses.The fast-paced one-act... [Read More]
the lyrical and thoughtful sixth novel by Silas House, author of "A Parliament of Leaves" - begins with an apocalyptic scene.A flood of biblical proportions... [Read More]
Ruth Ware, the author of "The Woman in Cabin 10," is a master of old-fashioned mysteries with modern twists.Her leisurely and sinister latest work, "The... [Read More]
On paper, "Electricity" sounds gimmicky.Two men spend the night in the same Chillicothe motel room in 1983, 1993, 2003 and 2013.On the stage, Terry Ray's... [Read More]
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