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Perhaps the most exciting trend to watch for in 2019 will be the continued maturation of the narrative fiction podcast. As this still burgeoning medium... [Read More]
PG-rated internet thirst trap Matt Adlard has been baking up sugary designer confections on his YouTube channel as the Topless Baker for about two years... [Read More]
The podcasters: Journalist Bim Adewunmi and writer Nichole Perkins decided in mid-2017 to launch a podcast series dedicated to female thirst—one where so-called "thirst buckets"... [Read More]
Bitch Media editors Dahlia Grossman-Heinze and Amy Lam have an easy and playful chemistry. They kick off each episode of Backtalk arguing about things like... [Read More]
There is no shortage of podcasts relying on improv. Among those series that create off-the-cuff scenes and narratives, the fun is often less about the... [Read More]
"A woman's heart is an ocean of secrets." Titanic's unofficial thesis receives flak to this day, as 21 years of hindsight confirm that, yeah, it's strange... [Read More]
Twice a month, Mary Kay McBrayer and Maegan Stone Brooks analyze horror movies "because no one wants to be scared alone. But no one wants... [Read More]
FriendsLikeUs has long been a gem of podcasting, providing women (and particularly women of color) a place to sit down and unapologetically discuss their lives... [Read More]
Few foods straddle the middle of the Venn diagram between "wholesome, pastoral staple of the American diet" and "hotly contested ethical minefield" quite like a... [Read More]
"Iconic" is a word people often use to describe the music of James Bond. Like the clothes, cars, and gadgets of the early films, John... [Read More]
A Woman's Smile could spawn a Literally Unbelievable Tumblr just as easily as The Onion did. It's billed as a podcast where co-hosts Patti Harrison... [Read More]
Oh, bless this podcast. Cher And Retweet springs from a delightful corner of the podcast world, where two or more people come up with some... [Read More]
The podcasters: Perhaps more friendships ought to start with a shared love of horror. Unlike the many popular podcasts helmed by siblings, lifelong friends, or... [Read More]
Anyone who assumes that "a podcast about dictionaries by people who write dictionaries" might have limited appeal hasn't heard lifelong lexicographer Kory Stamper rattle off... [Read More]
Bubble, the first scripted comedy series from Maximum Fun, begins as a cutting and comic look at millennial misadventures. Set in Fairhaven—"a literal bubble of... [Read More]
ESPN's 30 For 30, the documentary hub known for producing stories "too dramatic not to be real," just delivered a one-two punch to the world... [Read More]
In the episodes leading up to January 1983, co-host Scott Weinberg lamented that he was dreading 1983, calling it one of the worst cinematic years... [Read More]
Okay, so this NASA-produced podcast is never going to win any production awards or spawn legions of imitators, but if you're looking for cutting-edge insights... [Read More]
Two and a half episodes in, and The New York Times' ambient, immersive, and ambitious podcast about the workings of ISIS is vivisecting the deadliest... [Read More]
This podcast is for people who enthusiastically greet a pup on the street without ever looking its owner in the eye. Hosts Allegra Ringo and... [Read More]
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