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The Voyager 2 recently crossed the outer boundary of the heliosphere, where it joins the Voyager 1 spacecraft in interstellar space... [Read More]
Whether they're ahead, behind or locked in a tie game, new head coach Danielle Finocchario wants her Beverly High girls hockey team to be grateful... [Read More]
The InSight lander recently used two its instruments to record vibrations caused by Martian wind, effectively capturing what it sounds like on the surface of... [Read More]
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There doesn't seem to be much glamour in the life of a Timberdoodle. [Read More]
Located in the northern hemisphere, between the two "dippers", is the Draco constellation - one of the 48 compiled by Ptolemy and one of the... [Read More]
Use light tackle, lines and weights to get the most bites and avoid spooking fish. [Read More]
Tags: trout - fishing - tips
Just about every fisherman has a really happy place in their past. [Read More]
From one angle, the country music narrative in 2018 was distinguished by consistency. Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line's easygoing soul-twang confection "Meant To Be"... [Read More]
The smart hunter is the safe hunter. Unfortunately, many get so caught up in the moment that they cast safety by the wayside. That can... [Read More]
Growing pains, like any other soreness you wake up with after a Friday night football game, feel a lot better after a win. [Read More]
40 Eridani A... [Read More]
A new study has shown that "nuclear pasta", which exists beneath crust of a neutron star, is the strongest material is the Universe. [Read More]
It had only been three games, but not scoring and not winning were starting to weigh to on the Beverly High girls soccer team. [Read More]
Texas game wardens sometimes invest countless hours and put themselves in harm's way chasing bad guys who hedge on state laws designed to protect our... [Read More]
Using information from Gaia's second data release, a team of scientists have made refined measurements of the mass of the Milky Way. [Read More]
Tags: Milky Way - Gaia - Mass
In a new study, astrophysicists used the gravitational waves from last year's kilonova event to determine if the Universe has additional dimensions. [Read More]
The Salem High football team is hoping to welcome one of their assistant coaches back from his recent wedding by having a winning record. [Read More]
In a recent study, a team of Harvard University scientists presented a new means of ruling out alternative explanations for how our Universe began. [Read More]
Water level is 3.86 feet low and clear. Water temp in the upper 80s. [Read More]
From SpaceX's headquarters in California, Elon Musk announced who will be the first lunar tourist to hitch a ride aboard the company's Big Falcon Rocket... [Read More]
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