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Michael Harding: My mother once gazed at me and, with one question, opened up an appalling possibility... [Read More]
It's hard to believe we're already in the second half of the football season. I say this often, but it feels like the first Friday... [Read More]
Michael Harding: The ultimate teaching is that there is no teaching, according to the 70-year-old with a greasy pony-tail... [Read More]
In rural Ireland it's the animals as much as humans that make a person sociable... [Read More]
How to be a Man: Sometimes masculinity can feel mechanical... [Read More]
It was a single-syllable knife that often sliced the air in front of my face to shame and silence me... [Read More]
Michael Harding is glad he lives in the present because, unlike the General, he's too squeamish to be a hunter... [Read More]
As I grow old there is something in the gods I collect around me I am loath to renounce... [Read More]
I wasn't certain what she meant, but my brain was in overdrive with the possibilities... [Read More]
It was the only release we had from anxiety... [Read More]
Michael Harding: I made a mistake about my vitamin dosage and began to feel fidgety... [Read More]
Michael Harding: Magda arrived in a shining black costume, sat down and asked had I been talking to myself... [Read More]
The iPhone changed everything. These women were different. Their narratives were emotional... [Read More]
Michael Harding: 'I am a bad musician, but I play for the strange sensation of being alive'... [Read More]
Michael Harding: Gathering up the discarded ornaments and junk, I thought I saw my mother again... [Read More]
The mouse in the attic shared my passion for apples. What else did we have in common? [Read More]
'You'll kill yourself with that junk,' the woman said as she saw me ordering breakfast. The situation escalated from there... [Read More]
Years ago, when the General played the piano, I would frequently find him entirely nude in the drawing room... [Read More]
I use Facebook to look in at all that intimacy without undermining my own solitude... [Read More]
I could have gone in and shared my flask of whiskey with him at the fire, but I didn't... [Read More]
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