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The biggest appeal of the original "Ant-Man" was its lightheartedness and humor. [Read More]
The best animated films accomplish many things. They're smart and funny. They make us think and laugh. They draw us in and force us to... [Read More]
At the end of the day, "Solo" is not the best "Star Wars" movie, but it's also far from the worse. [Read More]
Much like its 2016 predecessor, "Deadpool 2" is unlike any superhero movie you'll see. [Read More]
With over a billion dollars in box office receipts in just two weekends, "Avengers: Infinity War" is already one of the highest grossing ever and... [Read More]
"The Florida Project," directed by indie filmmaker Sean Baker, is very challenging to get through for the casual audience, and in a down year for... [Read More]
A movie built only on the power of its lead performances is often hit or miss. [Read More]
Director Guillermo del Toro's style is endearing to audiences of all flavors — from all walks of life — and as a fellow filmmaker, it's... [Read More]
(NNPA)--For many college students, particularly those who are first in their families to attend college, the goal is simple: Do whatever it takes to earn... [Read More]
Despite its lack of subtlety at times, "Black Panther" is without a shadow of a doubt among the best Marvel films. [Read More]
"Last Jedi" has gotten glowing reviews from critics across the board, with many prominent reviewers hailing it as one of the best "Star Wars" films... [Read More]
I was pleasantly surprised. "Justice League" is actually good. [Read More]
During a recent visit to my old neighborhood in New Orleans, where I lived for seven years as president of Dillard University, I had the... [Read More]
Starring two talented but idealistic characters, the film "La La Land" pulls no punches in highlighting just how bleak the arts and entertainment industry can... [Read More]
Issues of sentimentality and melodrama aside, "Rogue" really is a bold new step forward and an altogether satisfying sign of things to come. [Read More]
In many respects, "Bad Santa 2" is actually funnier than the original. The jokes at least seem much raunchier, and although the theater was barely... [Read More]
Anytime I find myself growing disillusioned with Hollywood and the big name studios, there always seems to be a handful of films that not only... [Read More]
"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is a fitting start to a new Harry Potter franchise. [Read More]
What if our biggest threat was something we couldn't possibly hope to understand? [Read More]
"Dr. Strange" does not offer insight into any universal truths, but it's fun and entertaining, and that's why most of us go to the movies. [Read More]
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