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Mike confesses that he laughed out loud when he heard the term "opportunity Democrats," the new moniker in the rebranding effort of "moderate" Democratic think... [Read More]
Democrats need to learn what the Republicans have understood for decades: that to win, the party needs a message that embraces the passions, values, and... [Read More]
Brett. Kavanaugh. He's a major threat to some of the most important rights we have fought to secure. But worst of all? He thinks the... [Read More]
Trump's newest chief economic advisor has been making vastly incorrect economic forecasts since 2005. No housing bubble? Wrong. No recession coming? Wrong. No corruption in... [Read More]
Mike's colleague and BFF Lauren Windsor joins The Politics Guy to talk about her most recent reporting on a Senate bill to deregulate Wall Street.... [Read More]
If social justice is truly a priority, Amazon should establish an LGBTQ inclusivity litmus test for its new headquarters. [Read More]
A month ago, Democrats were growing more confident they would have a great election year in 2018. Between the president's dismal approval rating; big wins... [Read More]
There have been some wonderful eulogies for movement giant Paul Booth, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last week. Those of us who were his... [Read More]
Donald Trump never ceases to entertain. The Wolff book rings true, with its jaw-dropping portrait of chaos and intrigue, warring White House factions and infantile... [Read More]
This is the story of the Trump presidency: a haunted house where every room is more startlingly macabre than the next. And so we... [Read More]
Mike's got an idea of what Christmas is really about, and it's a little different (okay, more than a little different) than what the Trumpers... [Read More]
The problem for these businesses comes when they start making money through fraud. It becomes so lucrative, such a profit-driver, that they can't turn off... [Read More]
The GOP has a rare moment in which they get real about their tax plan, featuring Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch telling America how they... [Read More]
I am an old-fashioned kind of guy: when I do business with a company, I want to purchase good products and services for a reasonable... [Read More]
Republican proposals are really just one more giveaway to the top 1%, which gets 80% of the benefits of their plan. [Read More]
Mike's an old Clinton-ite, so he knows a thing or two about good economic policy. Spoiler alert: trickle down is not it. [Read More]
Republicans are describing their effort to change America's tax laws as "reform," but their proposals are really just one more giveaway to the top 1... [Read More]
With Roy Moore and Trump's tax plan at the forefront of the news, Mike tackles both rapists and vampire squids in one episode. [Read More]
Taxpayers footing the bill for private and corporate jet owners... [Read More]
The Koch brothers are doing their best to pass the #TrumpTaxScam. You know, the one where the rich get massive tax breaks and low and... [Read More]
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