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Terrorist Brenton Tarrant's murderous attack at the Al Nor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, Friday left 50 dead and 50 wounded. Tarrant deserves global condemnation.... [Read More]
Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being accused of sexual assault and therefore is claimed to be unfit for confirmation to the Supreme Court of The United... [Read More]
A FoxNews headline read: "CNN fires back at Trump, stands by controversial story: 'CNN does not lie.'" (Brian Flood, Aug. 30) Oh really? So, CNN... [Read More]
A Fox News headline read: "Black leaders express 'profound indignation' over Dem leaders' failure to 'protect' Maxine Waters." I submit that using "leader" to describe... [Read More]
Christina Greer, a Fordham University professor, who happens to be black, wasted no time in proving the prediction I had made was right. I had... [Read More]
A column confront black civil rights groups and others claiming historical slavery is still keeping African-Americans from success. [Read More]
Fantasyland is an interesting place, not least of which is because what fantasyland promises is just that – fantasy. The most tragic part of fantasyland... [Read More]
President Trump has driven Democrats into a state of hebephrenia unlike any I've witnessed in my lifetime. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Minority Leader of the... [Read More]
If I were asked: "Can there be a more despicable cabal of liars, deceivers and Erebusic marplots than liberal white progressives?" My answer would be... [Read More]
A Fox News headline read: "Black leaders express 'profound indignation' over Dem leaders' failure to 'protect' Maxine Waters." (Gregg Re, July 5, 2018) I submit... [Read More]
It's time those who believe in abortion tell the truth and admit that they believe in murdering babies, because that's what abortion is. People can... [Read More]
I recently received a press release from a group proposing a "57-point plan for removing barriers that block blacks from empowerment and for ensuring they... [Read More]
they can only be described as loathsome and duplicitous, if not the personification of evil. And yet they consider themselves the arbiters of morals and... [Read More]
The bitter acrimony directed toward President Trump and his family is unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime. Many attackers are has-been "personalities" who think... [Read More]
In a transpicuous attempt to institutionalize the homosexual agenda by eliminating reference to an assignation that has existed since Adam and Eve, the Fairfax, Virginia,... [Read More]
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Not many weeks ago conservatives were beside themselves with glee because Kanye West had sung praises of President Trump. As West went full steam ahead... [Read More]
I am fed up with hearing "black conservative" this, "black conservative" that, and "black conservatives say this" and "black conservatives say that," ad nauseam. And... [Read More]
Republicans and Democrats alike have thrown everything at President Trump but the proverbial kitchen sink. And yet, like "Old Glory," i.e., the American flag, flying... [Read More]
Apparently, Chucky Schumer, D-N.Y., suffers from a worst case of pseudologia fantastica, i.e., "compulsive lying," than Obama. It is either that or he suffers from... [Read More]
Let me begin by saying that I have the utmost respect for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She is a lovely, gracious, dignified lady who I would... [Read More]
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