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By pretty much every measure that matters, 2018 has been Twitch's biggest year ever. Already a force in the gaming world, Fortnite helped catapult the... [Read More]
Last week, the store wars began, but now they're really getting spicy. With Epic's store up, running, and offering an 88 percent cut of earnings... [Read More]
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Jetpack Cat is finally in Overwatch... sort of. Players recently discovered that, as part of a Brigitte "toast" emote that came with the new winter... [Read More]
There's a new PlanetSide game coming, and it has a battle royale mode. The gargantuan persistent shooter is clomping into the genre's well-trod territory with... [Read More]
PC has never been a singular platform like, say, PlayStation or Xbox. Instead, it's a series of disparate landmasses sharing the same turbulent sea. [Read More]
Overwatch's Blizzard World map has never been universally beloved, but shortly after Blizzard decked its halls with holiday cheer yesterday, the map apparently decided to... [Read More]
I have a theory: The value of a community is directly proportional to its willingness to rally around and fight nearly to the death for... [Read More]
Smalland is a survival game in which you're mysteriously the size of a pebble. While games like Ark have you contending with dinosaurs, Smalland puts... [Read More]
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Overwatch's annual Winter Wonderland event is back, which means snowball fights, festive cheer, and yetis or whatever, but mostly skins. This year, everyone is a... [Read More]
Christmas came early for Counter-Strike players in the form of a new battle royale mode with its own fun (albeit compact) map. Thanks to an... [Read More]
Epic Games' new store is not only taking the fight to Steam by giving developers a bigger cut of their games' earnings—it's locking down exclusive... [Read More]
The original Doom first came out 25 years ago, on December 10, 1993. To commemorate the cruel, unceasing passage of time, designer John Romero is... [Read More]
A group of modders decided to try and remake Fallout: New Vegas inside Fallout 4, but soon, they found themselves in a pickle. Well, more... [Read More]
Daniel Mullins, the creator of beloved indie horror mindfuck Pony Island, is back with more genre-bending antics. His new murder mystery game, The Hex, has... [Read More]
As sports video games have shown us, sports are just games with off-the-court metagame layers attached. Also pageantry and juicy, juicy drama. Overwatch League follows... [Read More]
If you were hoping to spend your weekend not with Spider-Man or Lara Croft, but instead with the outerwear-despising anime girls of the long-awaited "100... [Read More]
In February, aspiring streamer Mystic hit a breaking point. When her kids started going to school, she had decided to try and turn streaming on... [Read More]
Track: System / Meltdown | Artist: Enter Shikari | Album: A Flash Flood Of Color... [Read More]
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I'm Nathan Grayson, host of Nint-Infowars, coming to you live from THE BOTTOM OF A HOLE from which I'm now forced to broadcast after having... [Read More]
Yesterday, one of Twitch's best-known streamers, Dr Disrespect, was forced to abruptly shut down his stream after someone fired a gun at his house, shattering... [Read More]
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