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The right will never accept responsibility for the Islamophobia it has stoked. [Read More]
New York's Democratic primaries reveal how the movement is breaking the machine. [Read More]
More than a dozen high-profile cancellations at an Israeli music festival shows the BDS movement still has some teeth. [Read More]
"That lit a match, and the explosion was Trump." [Read More]
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"People forget how petrified everybody was at the time." [Read More]
Codifying Jewish supremacy further aligns Israel with nativist governments in Hungary, Austria, and elsewhere. [Read More]
The British comedian returns to form with his new show, "Who is America?" [Read More]
by Noah Kulwin Image credit:  Ryan Rodrick Beiler /   CRAMMED INSIDE THE BASEMENT of the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue in Washington, D.C. on... [Read More]
Hamas did not force Palestinians to march to the fence. Gaza's desperate situation did. [Read More]
Young American Jews protested on Washington streets on Monday, as dozens of Palestinian demonstrators were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza. [Read More]
An interview with Ethan Zuckerman, MIT scholar and inventor of the pop-up ad, on innovation, Facebook, Google, and the future of the web. [Read More]
Wikimedia Foundation executive director Katherine Maher interviewed about Wikipedia, YouTube, Google, and how commons create value for platforms. [Read More]
Interview with Dan McComas, former Reddit executive and founder of Imzy, about Reddit, Twitter, the problems with Condé Nast, and other topics. [Read More]
Richard Stallman, a.k.a. rms, discusses free software, data collection, privacy, and why he won't use cash when he goes shopping. [Read More]
VR pioneer Jaron Lanier discusses the politics of the internet, Mark Zuckerberg's VR comments and initiatives, and other problems with the current state of the... [Read More]
Interview with Ellen Pao, former Kleiner Perkins executive and Reddit CEO, on the homogeneity of Facebook, free-speech issues, and whether regulation is needed. [Read More]
Even those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. A breakdown of what went wrong. [Read More]
Interview with Kate Losse, former Zuckerberg speechwriter and early Facebook employee, on Zynga, Cambridge Analytica, what Zuckerberg has trouble understanding, and the possibility of change. [Read More]
Interview with Soleio Cuervo, former Facebook employee, who defends Facebook and says regulation is unnecessary, that the company is committed to its users, and that... [Read More]
Interview with Antonio Garcia Martinez, former Facebook employee, on the advertising business model, how Silicon Valley culture has changed, and whether Facebook can be fixed. [Read More]
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