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Facebook is quietly building a platform for discovering memes, TechCrunch reports. The platform is called LOL, and will consist of "funny videos and GIF-like clips"... [Read More]
Top iPhone manufacturer Foxconn has let go 50,000 seasonal workers since October at its factory in China, according to a new report. Although these are... [Read More]
Instagram influencers with thousands of followers are getting their accounts hacked and held for ransom. Hacked influencers told VICE's Motherboard that Instagram has been slow... [Read More]
FBI files were left exposed in a massive data breach stemming from the Oklahoma government, a cybersecurity firm says. The company, UpGuard, says it discovered... [Read More]
The biggest startup flameout last year was Theranos, the embattled medical technology company that raised almost $1 billion in its lifetime. Using data from... [Read More]
Silicon Valley may be home to huge tech companies like Google and Facebook, but the San Francisco metro area isn't the most innovative city in... [Read More]
An online petition calling for the gay conversion app to be removed from Google's Play Store has garnered almost 40,000 signatures. [Read More]
Google is being criticized for allowing an app on its Google Play Store that promotes the controversial practice of gay conversion therapy. LGBTQ+ advocates say... [Read More]
Dreading that huge potluck dinner your hometown friends have planned for Thanksgiving? We've got you covered with the best tips for getting through it. [Read More]
NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. — The sister of the Muslim student who lied about a hate crime on the subway is speaking out about the... [Read More]
A Brooklyn high school was briefly put on lockdown Thursday afternoon after a student told officials a fellow student had confronted him in the bathroom,... [Read More]
The founders behind Instagram are beginning to roll out a new set of features that let users react to comments and remove followers on private... [Read More]
When recent Columbia grad Christina Egan opened her mail and found a handwritten card addressed to her, she figured it was an invitation from a friend or a... [Read More]
Authorities are searching for a man seen on camera forcing himself on a 50-year-old woman in the elevator leading from the street to the Jay Street-MetroTech subway... [Read More]
Police have released the photo of a man they suspect of groping a woman inside a subway station near Central Park. A 47-year-old woman told the... [Read More]
Authorities in Indiana have released audio from a 911 call made by a mother accused of killing her two young children. According to FOX59, Brandi Worley,... [Read More]
Kanye West's childhood home will be turned into a community center, complete with a recording studio and arts programs for Chicago's youth. [Read More]
A dog at a New Jersey animal shelter has been reunited with her family after disappearing three years ago - 1,200 miles away in Florida. [Read More]
DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — A dog who somehow found her way to a New Jersey animal shelter has been reunited with her family 1,200 miles away... [Read More]
NEW YORK — Thanksgiving means getting together with family and watching football for many Americans. But to New Yorkers, the holiday also means balloons, marching bands... [Read More]
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