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Officers are normally not allowed to have facial hair other than mustaches, but they're making an exception this month. [Read More]
14 people are on the panel, representing a variety of backgrounds, both in the public and private sectors. [Read More]
Jared Golden ended up winning by nearly 3000 votes. [Read More]
Students signed the banner and then it was raised. [Read More]
They scanned ballots right up until 5:00pm this afternoon and the rest are sealed and stored away. [Read More]
There will be an additional 14 beds in the family shelter and the amount of beds in the veterans shelter will double. [Read More]
Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says they have 5 counties to go and have counted all of the larger communities. [Read More]
Derek DeFelice finally accomplished his dream when he and his wife bought Angelo's Pizzeria a couple months ago. [Read More]
The celebration kicked off today at the State House with the 27th Annual Award Ceremony. [Read More]
She made the announcement at Kennebec Technologies in Augusta, a small business whose President endorsed the plan. [Read More]
Multiple DNA experts testified. [Read More]
Today a crime scene detective testified about evidence in the case. [Read More]
He escaped from the Mountain View Correctional Facility in Charleston Thursday. [Read More]
Today the court heard recordings of two lengthy interviews between him and investigators. [Read More]
Bubar is charged with aggravated attempted murder of a Kennebec County Sheriff Sergeant in a police-involved shooting in May of last year. [Read More]
The 5th annual Maine Wisdom Summit put on by the Maine Council on Aging took place in Augusta. [Read More]
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The University of Maine System hopes to solve that. [Read More]
Students seemed to be having a lot of fun, and they learned about a number of different bugs. [Read More]
Opening statements were given and a handful of neighbors took the witness stand, as did a sheriff's deputy. [Read More]
The initiative, entitled 'Waterville Works,' has three main ideas: ending partisan elections for local offices, requiring paid lobbyists that lobby city officials to register with... [Read More]
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