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Donald Trump's ideological cousins around the world want to reverse the feminist gains of recent decades. [Read More]
In Errol Morris's "American Dharma," the documentarian duels Steve Bannon to, at best, a draw... [Read More]
It's too late for you to give us the silent treatment, to back down and walk away as if you have nothing to do with... [Read More]
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Trump's election should remind Congress and policymakers that the U.S. cannot do it all. [Read More]
The Forward magazine's October launch party will take place at NYU's Taub Center, with a panel discussion on politics, tribes and nations. [Read More]
The cases of Al Franken and Brett Kavanaugh show that misconduct is a bipartisan problem—but the liberal and conservative responses are very different. [Read More]
The bipartisan consensus is broken. And Democrats do their voters and their country a disservice by wedding themselves to GOP hawks. [Read More]
Jason Stanley's "How Fascism Works" sees parallels in the appeals the president makes to his base. [Read More]
The Constitution demands that the legislature serve as a check on the executive. In its absence, unelected bureaucrats are taking it on themselves to act. [Read More]
Ayanna Pressley's triumph in a chunk of Massachusetts once represented by Tip O'Neill shows that the former House speaker's maxim no longer applies. [Read More]
Despite the many graver human-rights problems plaguing Africa, Trump has somehow seized upon one affecting white people. [Read More]
On Wednesday morning, the lead story on was not Michael Cohen's admission that Donald Trump had instructed him to ... [Read More]
Francois Truffaut was known for his youthful vitality, but "The Story Of Adele H." and "The Green Room" show a different side of the filmmaker. [Read More]
"Shalom Montreal," a new exhibit at Montreal's McCord Museum examines the contributions of Jews to Canada's second largest city. [Read More]
In "The Cut Out Girl," Bart Van Es tells the story of Lien de Jong, who conjures up the history of Anne Frank. [Read More]
It's not just the president's longtime lawyer who's stuck cleaning up his messes, anymore. [Read More]
Russian electoral interference has renewed the temptation for American leaders to do the same. [Read More]
It's not clear he even understands the distinction between self and country upon which the idea of patriotism rests. [Read More]
Some commentators are bending over backwards to make excuses for the president. [Read More]
Trump isn't the first Republican to ask that question. [Read More]
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