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Every time we turn on the TV we're treated like idiots. Then, when we turn the channel, we're treated like idiots. Thursday night was a... [Read More]
Enough. If Mike Francesa is such an all-knowing big shot, it's time he backed up even one of his boasts with demonstrable facts. He now... [Read More]
A week into this season, the NFL's and mass media's message is clear: If you don't have a bet — or six, or 20 —... [Read More]
Don't just do something, stand there! If the NFLPA genuinely represented the best interests of players as its foremost function it would have made a... [Read More]
Brothers and sisters, go tell it on the mountain! It's all a con. Colin Kaepernick, now soulfully introduced as an across-the-board Nike prophet for profit,... [Read More]
Recently, "outspoken" NFL defensive back Richard Sherman made big news and noise when he became the latest to equate employment in the NFL or NBA... [Read More]
Forgive the indelicate analogy, but I can do no better. To watch big league baseball has become like watching a poor soul who has contracted... [Read More]
In other words, what did Urban Meyer know and when did he cease knowing it? Either Meyer knew that one of his longtime assistant coaches... [Read More]
The crying shame of it all is that ESPN could have been the best thing to happen to American sports. Instead, it has senselessly, purposefully... [Read More]
Good questions grow lonely, too. They need companionship in the form of good answers. Thus, the latest dating site for singles: "Questions Without Answers." Q:... [Read More]
Saturday night, in an extravagant pregame ceremony in San Francisco, Barry Bonds became the latest Giant to have his number retired. The first was Christy... [Read More]
We know; the NFL is a business. And a lucrative one for players and team owners, a business that seemed incapable of doing any financial... [Read More]
This was late Saturday afternoon. I'd filed my Sunday column, now it was time to sit back, watch some baseball. As the Byrds sang, "Just... [Read More]
Huddle up! OK, everybody play stupid, on three! . . . Hut! Hut! Hut! We don't yet know what Urban Meyer knew or didn't know,... [Read More]
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Watching baseball die by its own hands, a TV-side vigil: It's a slow, steady death by institutional neglect. Game-changing failures of fundamental forethought have become... [Read More]
Though Richard Brautigan's 1967 counter-culture book "Trout Fishing In America" had little to do with trout fishing, this story comes closer. Once upon a time,... [Read More]
From Monday night, deep into Tuesday afternoon, you'd have thought the revolution had finally begun. Gary Sanchez had provided baseball the opportunity to unshackle itself... [Read More]
Justice, as opposed to pizza, is served. With the justifiable fallout over Papa John Schnatter's use of the N-word, how many leagues, colleges, pro teams,... [Read More]
"Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face." — Mike Tyson At the All-Star break, MLB is in critical need of a... [Read More]
Here's the offer, no service or "convenience" fee tack-ons: Tomorrow morning I'll pick you up at the train station, bus stop or just give you... [Read More]
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