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Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., first won election to the House of Representatives two years ago and since has distinguished himself largely on two metrics: number... [Read More]
Google search data shows a surge in interest in the subject. [Read More]
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A visual guide to a complex, unprecedented process. [Read More]
Recent research shows that whites see even middle-class black homes as lower-class. [Read More]
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A 2015 Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll asked college-age women how often they experienced assaults -- and how often they reported it. [Read More]
For the second time in a month, a Trump rally starts with a Fox News 'interview.'... [Read More]
The Pew Research Center tallied density by gender across a number of fields. [Read More]
Kavanaugh's nomination had been moving at a normal pace -- but there's a deadline looming. [Read More]
It's been a long time since Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall. [Read More]
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Cost is probably the least significant one. [Read More]
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In an interview with the Hill, Trump said he was relying on TV pundits and House allies. [Read More]
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How Christopher Steele, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr fit into the origination of the Russia probe. [Read More]
In 1991, the White House directed the FBI to investigate similar allegations against Clarence Thomas... [Read More]
Four supported it. [Read More]
In 2016, the U.S. accepted 85,000 refugees. In 2018, we've accepted less than a quarter of that number. [Read More]
In a speech last week, Nunes directly linked declassification of documents to Republican victory in November. [Read More]
At least according to an internal Republican Party poll. [Read More]
Manafort who? [Read More]
It's often been claimed that Trump voters backed him due to "economic anxiety." New data suggests that economics was not the primary factor. [Read More]
History shows that recent nominees in Kavanaugh's position were at risk -- even before the new revelations. [Read More]
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