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After decades of filing sexual harassment and discrimination complaints, LACoFD electrician Maggie Rucker says she was fired as retaliation for speaking out. Her wrongful termination... [Read More]
Two years ago, IKEA recalled millions of dressers because the dressers could tip over and crush young children. Now, four safety groups say IKEA has... [Read More]
If a new backpack for your child is on your back-to-school shopping list, there is more to consider for parents than just what the bag... [Read More]
As children gear up to head back to school, a nonprofit group is issuing a warning to parents about popular school supplies, saying they contain... [Read More]
Hundreds of Kias and Hyundais have spontaneously caught on fire and safety advocates say the federal government needs to step in to issue a recall... [Read More]
Tesla builds fast, energy efficient cars and the company is becoming a force in making homes greener by producing and storing solar energy.But an LA... [Read More]
If you've ever received a call from the IRS, you may feel your blood start to pump as the automated voice tells you that the... [Read More]
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If you've ever wired money via Western Union to a scammer, you have one more day to possibly get it back. [Read More]
When you pay the online grocery delivery service Instacart's fees, do you know where that money goes? It's not toward a tip. [Read More]
Fashion ads litter our social media feeds. But before you click, here are some tips:Confirm the return process is easy and hassle-free.Find out where you... [Read More]
An Inland Empire woman says she recently had to move in with her daughter after her former landlord charged her for sewer services, although her... [Read More]
Pet owners reached out to the I-Team with complaints about a local dog rescue. One woman says she never got the dog she paid to... [Read More]
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He lost two friends and his leg in a deadly work-related accident that nearly killed him too. Now a Santa Ana man and his attorney... [Read More]
What do you do if you sell a car, but then you're stuck with a ticket the new owner got? [Read More]
When it comes to tree-related claims, it's a numbers game. We have a huge amount of trees and a shockingly low number of people investigating... [Read More]
You hire a contractor to replace your roof and paint your house, then end up on the hook for more than a quarter million dollars. [Read More]
A family in Yucaipa says their gas stove is making them sick. They say their Frigidaire/Electrolux stove is putting out an unhealthy level of carbon... [Read More]
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A little-known credit reporting agency could be giving you a lower credit score than the "big three" credit bureaus. [Read More]
A former Orange County attorney will have to pay restitution to former clients after pleading guilty to felony grand theft. [Read More]
The NBC4 I-Team helps a woman recover her money from an unresponsive insurance company. [Read More]
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