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It started last week with a call to action from China's leader, Xi Jinping. Too many of the country's children need glasses, he said, and... [Read More]
Richard Liu, the founder of the retailing giant, was accused of criminal sexual conduct. His company says a false accusation was made. [Read More]
China's Tencent and other video game companies saw their shares tumble as the government puts additional pressure on the industry. [Read More]
American officials have long worried that Chinese tech firms such as Huawei and ZTE could be involved in espionage. Those jitters are now going global. [Read More]
As frictions intensified this year, Beijing's prolonged antitrust review of the NXP purchase came to be seen as a form of leverage over negotiations. [Read More]
As it prepares to list shares on the Nasdaq, the fast-growing online marketplace has been hit by a complaint that it allows sales of knockoff... [Read More]
Here's a reminder of how technology aspirations and competition are at the heart of the battle between the United States and China. [Read More]
Finding a new supply will not be easy with the country's strong demand... [Read More]
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Beijing's retaliatory tariffs make American soy pricier. But the country's huge demand for oil and animal feed makes it tough to stop importing overnight. [Read More]
While many maintain a defiant tone, Chinese shoppers could get hurt as the trade war hurts exports and makes even basic types of food more... [Read More]
The Chinese telecom giant fears U.S. skepticism over the security of its products will spread to countries that have long been dependable customers. [Read More]
Google's best-known products have been blocked by authorities in mainland China for years. If the U.S. internet giant wants that to change someday, then half... [Read More]
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Its search engine has been blocked in the country for years, but the company is looking for other ways to be part of the flourishing... [Read More]
The technology world's most bruising battle for supremacy is taking place in China. And it could point to Big Tech's future everywhere else, too. [Read More]
Follow the StarTribune for the news, photos and videos from the Twin Cities and beyond. [Read More]
Social media users noticed a distinct age gap between the Chinese delegates and the American lawmakers who met them in Washington. [Read More]
The company, which was barred from using American components, said it had halted "major operating activities." I... [Read More]
The Chinese firm ZTE said it had ceased "major operating activities" after the Trump administration banned the company last month from using components made in... [Read More]
The electronics firm has found success in the American market like few other Chinese technology brands have. Now it is fighting for its life. [Read More]
Not Apple. Not Huawei. The first casualty of the high-tech cold war between the United States and China might be the biggest... [Read More]
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