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The jumpsuit is a style must for summer! While it can be super flattering, sometimes it requires a little tailoring if you can't find the... [Read More]
Even though the price of eyelash extensions has dropped tremendously, they still require a lot of maintenance, and that can still be expensive. These four... [Read More]
If you're short on time and need to boost your metabolism, a few power exercises can do just that, according to Hakeem Akbar, co-owner of... [Read More]
It's time to get rid of the closet-space wasters that have been taking up way too much room in your closet. [Read More]
We all know eating healthy is the right thing to do, but when we're cooking the food ourselves, that's easier said than done because the... [Read More]
Family planning can be an exciting time for couples. [Read More]
Dealing with dull hair is an obvious drag - we all want gorgeous, shiny locks that look like they jumped right out of a movie... [Read More]
There are three phases of exercise: Power, Strength and Endurance. [Read More]
Have you shopped for cowboy boots? Rows and rows of options make it really overwhelming, so it's good to have an idea of what... [Read More]
A recent survey of 2,000 women from the beauty retailer Look Fantastic says that we average six days a year styling our hair. [Read More]
Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with your lover or gal pals, sweets and spirits are sure to make your evening extra special. [Read More]
A few years ago after having a baby, Chandra Attayi wanted to get back in shape but she wasn't ready. [Read More]
Getting in shape doesn't mean we have to do cardio seven days a week and spend hours in the gym lifting weights. In fact, that... [Read More]
In an attempt to make potty training more effective, less messy and less expensive, Tynkle Tykes are here. [Read More]
Adam and Danielle Busby, parents of quintuplets opened a fitness studio. [Read More]
While you might not be a cowboy, you certainly want to dress like one this time of year. Guys, here's what you need to know... [Read More]
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Simone Jewelry Designs tips on how to make your look pop with jewelry. [Read More]
A Houston-based consultant looks at ways to change your wardrobe and makeup to better suit a lighter, younger-looking you. [Read More]
When it comes to your contact lenses, bad habits can lead to serious problems like infections and even eye damage. [Read More]
When our parents start to age, the discussion of where they should live comes into play. [Read More]
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