Author: Rebecca Yerger

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Today, most families find themselves running from one activity to the next, sporting events, music lessons and recitals, meetings and so on. Some think this... [Read More]
Wild-land and community fires have always been a frightening reality for Napa County residents and all Californians. During these infernos, as private citizens evacuate, emergency... [Read More]
The local agricultural fairs have been a summertime tradition for generations. Over those decades, these events have typically offered similar programs and features including carnivals... [Read More]
The Napa Valley agriculture-based companies have always been a significant contributor to the local economy. Two such agri-businesses of the late 1800s were the Napa... [Read More]
Some individuals believe the criminal justice system is a confusing and unpredictable roller coaster ride. While most cases are typically routine, two long-ago local cases... [Read More]
Happy 242nd birthday, America! [Read More]
Congratulations to the Class of 2018, and thank you to all of our educators! This year, like all the years before it, the calendar overflows... [Read More]
During America's involvement in World War I about 100 years ago, the Napa Valley newspapers were filled with accounts of the wartime activities of area... [Read More]
For generations Napa County women have dedicated themselves to community service through their jobs and associations with benevolent organizations. Two April 1919 Napa Daily Journal... [Read More]
In 1937, the Napa Daily Journal sponsored the only local sessions of the nationally touring "Happy Kitchen Cooking School." The three-day seminar featured the celebrated... [Read More]
Today's column will continue, and conclude, the review of some St. Helena physicians of the late 1800s. [Read More]
Although the five-year drought ended with the overabundant rainfall of the 2016-2017 season, many local landscapes — especially the lawns — still show the signs... [Read More]
The biographies published in the 1881 "History of Napa and Lake Counties, California" by Lyman L. Palmer featured about a dozen local physicians. While their... [Read More]
The sugar Easter egg with its springtime scene inside is a piece of confectionery art with many names: panorama, panoramic, scenic, peek-a-boo and peep-through. [Read More]
For 160 years St. John the Baptist Catholic Church has served as a religious center for many generations of Napans. Since the 1850s, it has... [Read More]
Over the past several weeks two local history books have been the primary sources of information for the Memory Lane columns. One of these is... [Read More]
Today is the 209th birthday of this country's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. His life story is fairly well known, especially his assassination on April 14,... [Read More]
Although Napa County residents were thousands of miles from the battlefields of the Civil War, they deeply cared about those involved in and the course... [Read More]
At one time, livestock was an essential part of local life and Napa County's agriculture based economy. In fact, during the mid-1800s livestock was more... [Read More]
The namesake of the "Old Town" park, John A. Fuller, was more than a local politician and city mayor. He was an adventurer who found... [Read More]
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