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Teachers were in The Lamb's Chapel on Monday afternoon preparing for an open house for the church's new school when a log truck slammed into... [Read More]
Americans of the religious right who oppose gay marriage should curb their enthusiasm — and those who oppose them, their disappointment — over Monday's Supreme... [Read More]
Here are some takeaways from Monday night's County Commissioners meeting:• People in Alamance County want good schools and an excellent education for their children. Many,... [Read More]
The purpose of this letter is to tell the other side of the story.The march on Raleigh by tens of thousands of North Carolina teachers... [Read More]
For almost a year, Donald Trump's rage about the investigation into his campaign's possible collusion with Russia — or, as he calls it, "the greatest... [Read More]
To its credit, North Carolina was a national leader in saying no to the payday lending that takes advantage of people who struggle to get... [Read More]
• Thumbs up to Cindy Jordan, who is retiring after 41 years of teaching at The Burlington School. She said looking back she would have... [Read More]
I don't drink coffee, so I can't boycott Starbucks. But I wouldn't if I could.Yes, I understand — and share — the national anger over... [Read More]
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One big reason Americans pay too much for prescription drugs is that the government has been so reluctant to push prices down. Private health insurers... [Read More]
Articles about the March for Our Lives were a prime example of the unmitigated biased reporting of the Associated Press. The story by Collin Binkley on Thursday... [Read More]
This is a column about 42 percent of Republicans.It is also a column about trust.A few days ago in Miami, the Knight Foundation, a philanthropic... [Read More]
On a cool Tuesday night in October 1958, the Rev. Billy Graham walked onto a stage at the Charlotte Coliseum for the 26th sermon of... [Read More]
"If I don't make it, I love you and I appreciate everything you did for me."This was a text sent by a freshman to her... [Read More]
I am thankful I was laid off from my last newspaper job.Were it not for that, I wouldn't be here.I am thankful for Burlington and... [Read More]
Should public schoolteachers be compensated as professionals? All four panelists at a recent "Hometown Debate" staged at the Old Post Office Playhouse in Newton agreed... [Read More]
WASHINGTON — Beware the low-level volunteer.Virtually unheard of before Monday, when the FBI indicted two of President Trump's campaign staffers, George Papadopoulos is either the key... [Read More]
WASHINGTON — If there's any redeeming news this week, it's that no one will ever forget La David Johnson's name.Johnson, of course, was one of the... [Read More]
WASHINGTON — When President Trump said a few days ago that now isn't the time for a debate about gun control, presumably he meant that we... [Read More]
The Confederate memorials throughout our land were erected to remember the fallen American soldiers in the Civil War. To suggest otherwise is mere folly. "Jim... [Read More]
WASHINGTON — Rarely, if ever, have so many presidential winners and losers been so incessantly chatty.Hillary Clinton — who lost the 2016 election, in case you weren't... [Read More]
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