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It's one way rural areas attract residents amid growing urbanization. [Read More]
In international rankings, there's a club of usual suspects that more often than not does really well. Finland and other Nordic nations often come out... [Read More]
Like many small towns around the world, Cumnock in southeast Australia has gone through a long period of population decline and fading fortunes. It was... [Read More]
Authorities believe that a Malindo Air flight attendant smuggled the drugs on board in Malaysia, carrying them on his body and in the luggage, before... [Read More]
Another alleged Russian spy was arrested by Norwegian authorities last Friday, amid a string of expulsions and blunders. [Read More]
Norwegian authorities arrested an alleged Russian spy amid a string of expulsions and blunders in Europe. Recent public accusations in Norway and several other European... [Read More]
Brazil's far-right supporters objected to the German embassy's description of Nazis as "right wing." [Read More]
"The message is clear: Americans do not respect Poles," one researcher argued. [Read More]
"Still so much more to do," one female MP tweeted. [Read More]
Poland is one of the few European countries where President Donald Trump is still not only welcome but indeed sought after. When Polish President Andrzej... [Read More]
The dispute is a stand-in for much bigger questions about where the country stands on immigration, and where it's heading. [Read More]
The dispute was a stand-in for much bigger questions about where the country stands on immigration, and where it's heading. [Read More]
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Video footage of Swedish police forcibly removing three tourists from a hostel lobby last month prompted outrage. In a statement, the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm... [Read More]
"We have heard not a single word of apology from the Swedish police, which we find shocking and hard to understand," said China's ambassador to... [Read More]
As it is often the case with Moscow, there's some disputed land involved. [Read More]
In recent decades, world hunger didn't go away but it did get less. While about 19 percent of the world population was undernourished in 1990,... [Read More]
The number of undernourished people is on the rise again. [Read More]
How segregation fueled Sweden's far right. [Read More]
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Russia has evacuated 4,000 children from the areas, as it stands accused of covering up a chemical disaster. [Read More]
In the era of Trump and after months of similar revelations, foreign commentators didn't even bother to repeat what they've been saying since early 2017... [Read More]
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