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U.S. National Academy of Medicine, U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and Chinese Academy of Sciences call for international gene-editing standards. Critics blast statement as inadequate. [Read More]
A Japanese research team made immature human eggs from stem cells that were derived from human blood. The technique brings scientists a step closer to... [Read More]
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Many healthy Americans take a baby aspirin every day to reduce their risk of having a heart attack, getting cancer and even possibly dementia. But... [Read More]
After trying one treatment after another for his leukemia, 20-year old Aaron Reid enrolled in a study to test an experimental therapy using modified cells... [Read More]
The Food and Drug Administration said teen vaping has reached epidemic proportions, prompting more than 1,300 warning letters to stores selling e-cigarettes to kids and... [Read More]
Consumers will have a generic alternative to the widely used — and pricey — device to counter life-threatening allergic reactions. [Read More]
To outwit cancer, researchers are working on better ways to teach patients' immune system to root out and kill malignant cells. A promising approach involves... [Read More]
The largest study to follow women infected with Zika while they were pregnant finds about 6 percent of children had problems at birth, but 14... [Read More]
Drugs that appear to have anti-aging powers for lab animals seem to bolster immune systems of elderly humans, according to new study. [Read More]
Duke University researchers says some patients with brain cancer survived long after receiving treatment with a weakened poliovirus. But the response rate was limited and... [Read More]
As home genetic testing continues to boom, more people are getting their DNA tested for health reasons. The tests may signal future disease, but there... [Read More]
Doctors shouldn't routinely perform electrocardiograms on patients at low risk for heart disease, an influential federal panel is recommending. While an ECG test of... [Read More]
Several women who have had trouble conceiving children have gone to a clinic in Ukraine that is doing something unique: using DNA from three different... [Read More]
A clinic in Kiev, Ukraine, stirs controversy by making babies with DNA from three different people to help women who are infertile bear children. It's... [Read More]
An experimental therapy seems to have eradicated cancer in a patient with metastatic breast cancer who had failed every other treatment. The goal is to... [Read More]
In a 15-5 vote, Food and Drug Administration advisers found that Celebrex poses no greater risk for heart attacks and strokes than prescription doses of... [Read More]
A small study finds promise for using gene therapy to treat patients with beta-thalassemia, a blood condition that can cause severe anemia. The experimental treatment... [Read More]
An analysis of mice in the Big Apple finds that many harbor bacteria that can make humans sick if exposed to the animals' droppings. Some... [Read More]
People who experience a sharp drop in wealth face a much higher risk of dying over the next 20 years, according to a study of... [Read More]
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