Author: Rogelio Yubeta Olivas

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Last year during a cold snap we were experiencing here, I plugged in my cellphone to my charger in the kitchen. [Read More]
Good news, fellow cellphone users: In 2019, nearly half of the calls we get on our favorite communication gadget will be scams! [Read More]
I can't wait for election season to be over - because then we won't be subjected to endless attack ads on TV and online. [Read More]
Have you ever had a dream that just felt so real? [Read More]
After John McCain died, I took to social media to see how people were reacting to the news. [Read More]
I recently watched a video on Youtube in which a group of American teens try to guess the brand of bottled water they're drinking. [Read More]
Do you hate having to drive to a station to gas up your car? [Read More]
I am always amazed at how many pedestrians and bicyclists I see out on the streets on my drive home late at night. [Read More]
I had never heard about the "lick of death" until the Washington Post reported about it this week. [Read More]
The announcement this week that spice company McCormick plans to build a facility here is great news for the community. [Read More]
The increase in thefts of mail and packages from homes is disturbing and maddening. [Read More]
A story in yesterday's online edition of the Washington Post told me something I already knew: Mess with rattlesnakes at your peril! [Read More]
I got a jolt while I was driving down Fortuna Avenue last week. I happened to glance toward the lot behind Walgreens and noticed that... [Read More]
Last week the Associated Press reported that the "worst of this nation's nasty flu season is finally over." Health officials told the AP that the... [Read More]
In case you ever wondered, eating snow is OK — as long it's not older than a half-day. [Read More]
I recently watched a TV show where a group of young adults return to high school and go undercover, posing as current students to see... [Read More]
I learned a valuable lesson this week: Be careful where you store things. [Read More]
On the way to work Sunday, I forgot about the road construction on I-8. [Read More]
If you're annoyed by the sound of someone chewing their food too loudly or breathing too heavily, you're not a jerk. There is a scientific... [Read More]
As many of you no doubt know first-hand, this flu season has been incredibly harsh. [Read More]
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