Author: Rogelio Yubeta Olivas

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As many of you no doubt know first-hand, this flu season has been incredibly harsh. [Read More]
The brutal cold snap that's chilling parts of the nation is taking a toll on wildlife in those areas. [Read More]
One of my Facebook friends recently posted an illustration of a phone with the following words: Like or share if you still remember your childhood... [Read More]
As I'm sure many of you heard by now, Fox TV personality Jeanine Pirro was recently ticketed for driving 119 mph in a 65-mph zone... [Read More]
I can't believe the lengths some people will go to alter their appearance. [Read More]
The Girl Scouts earlier this month sent a timely message to parents. "Reminder: She doesn't owe anyone a hug, not even at the holidays." [Read More]
Do you ever get caught up in the moment and stop thinking logically? [Read More]
Scrolling through Facebook this week, I came across an article by the The New York Times titled "Our 10 favorite Thanksgiving side dishes." [Read More]
Last week a coworker of mine received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Yuma County Superior Court Clerk's office. He told... [Read More]
The Yuma Police Depart-ment has moved its annual Halloween night candy giveaway from the Yuma Territorial Prison to the Yuma County Fairgrounds. [Read More]
A word of caution if you are considering having your DNA tested by an online company: Deep, long-held family secrets could be unearthed. [Read More]
We've all worked in offices that had some unusual rules and regulations. [Read More]
Don't you hate when Mother Nature teases us? [Read More]
I never thought I would associate termites with my late father, but now I do. [Read More]
A couple of months ago we ran an Associated Press story about two men from Tucson being indicted on charges of smuggling sea cucumbers. [Read More]
Some of our young reporters this week had the opportunity to cover politically charged events for the first time in their careers. [Read More]
How much are you willing to pay for a food treat that you're curious to try? [Read More]
A group of 35 hikers were rescued recently after getting trapped by flash floods in a popular Tucson canyon. This happened after a group of... [Read More]
Boy, who knew fast-food workers face death threats over botched orders? [Read More]
"Back-in angle parking" has arrived in Yuma – much to the chagrin of some folks. [Read More]
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