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Insomniac's Founder and CEO Discusses His Company's 20-Year History. [Read More]
Look for MUCH more gameplay coming to IGN on Thursday! [Read More]
Here's all of our exclusive IGN First coverage of Lara's latest adventure as it rolls out all August long! [Read More]
Got a question about Darksiders 3? Here's your chance to ask the developers themselves. [Read More]
They're not the Warriors yet, but they're also not the Suns anymore. [Read More]
Watch Fury wreck shop in a montage of combat and carnage from Darksiders 3. [Read More]
Get a look at one of the sin-themed bosses in Darksiders 3. [Read More]
Ten years later, Christopher Nolan's epic has yet to be topped despite a deluge of superhero contenders. [Read More]
Burnout lives. Or at least, its Crash mode does. [Read More]
Inside very clearly builds upon what made Limbo great, and in fact builds something greater. Play it soon before anyone spoils a single big moment... [Read More]
The Obsidian veteran shares insights from his distinguished career. [Read More]
The scale-down is over. Hitman 2 is going big again. [Read More]
No TV show, no problem for Remedy. [Read More]
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Thankfully, most of the problems are technical in nature. [Read More]
Learn about how Seamus even got that name. Hint: his co-workers literally renamed him...and it stuck. [Read More]
Game director and writer David Cage gives a DVD-style behind-the-scenes commentary on the recently released playable demo. [Read More]
Quantic Dream explains the custom technology underneath Detroit: Become Human, including the tools that enable it to run in native 4K on PS4 Pro. [Read More]
Get to know your protagonists in the next game from the makers of Heavy Rain. [Read More]
Michael Ironside is back at Sam Fisher in a Ghost Recon Wildlands crossover, but will he also get his own new game soon? [Read More]
The team at Quantic Dream details the insane amount of branching paths available for you to choose from in their upcoming PS4 exclusive, Detroit: Become... [Read More]
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