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Enrollment of both undergrads and graduate students has been declining for years. Meanwhile colleges are getting more creative in finding new ways to make money. [Read More]
Demand for Japanese-grown rice is falling. But prices are still going up. [Read More]
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Japan's population is shrinking. It's harder and harder to find qualified people to fill a lot of jobs. Including ninjas. [Read More]
Why is one of the busiest blocks in Manhattan littered with empty storefronts? And what does that say about the changing landscape of American retail? [Read More]
Colleges are seeing fewer and fewer students apply every year. To try and stay solvent and attract students, they're trying all kinds of things, from... [Read More]
Most of the time farmers are proud of their crops and are happy to talk about them. But ask a certain kind of farmer what they grow... [Read More]
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Marketplace® is your liaison between economics and life. Noted for timely, relevant and accessible coverage of business news across both audio and digital platforms, Marketplace... [Read More]
If a U.S. job isn't likely, an expensive U.S. education doesn't make sense. [Read More]
Some savers invest their hard-earned dollars in footwear. [Read More]
Organic matzoh? The 129-year-old Manischewitz is keeping up with food trends. [Read More]
Craving meat, but trying to go vegan? Well, one company's got a burger for you. [Read More]
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