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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg got nostalgic while watching Armie Hammer cook in 'On the Basis of Sex'... [Read More]
PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at the moving trailer... [Read More]
"He's not currently inclined to pursue it," an anonymous source told Reuters ... [Read More]
In a new essay for Today, Cindy McCain reflects on her last year with her late husband Sen. John McCain... [Read More]
In an Oval Office interview, the president told Reuters what he expects will happen if he's impeached... [Read More]
"I couldn't be more excited to visit even more cities across the country and around the world," the former first lady said while announcing her... [Read More]
"I haven't become calloused," Barack Obama says, "and I would like to think that these letters have something to do with that" [Read More]
"I was young, black, and female," the former first lady says about her past insecurities. "Of course I doubted myself" [Read More]
Abby Wambach tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview friend Serena Williams was "standing up for herself" at the U.S. Open women's singles final... [Read More]
"We can be grateful and also demand what we want," Abby Wambach says in an exclusive interview about her upcoming book... [Read More]
President Trump's tweeting was so out of control that his staff formed a Twitter committee, Woodward reports... [Read More]
"You've got to deny, deny, deny and push back on these women," Donald Trump allegedly advised a friend about how to act after behaving badly... [Read More]
Bob Woodward's book sheds new light on Donald and Melania Trump's marriage... [Read More]
In #StillWithHer, a new photo book about her 2016 presidential bid, Hillary Clinton writes that "fighting for what's right is still worth it" [Read More]
The famous social media couple is publishing a book about how Savannah, a young, single mom, fell in love with Cole, a 19 year old... [Read More]
"I'll never be a staffer," Ivanka Trump allegedly fired back at Steve Bannon, according to Bob Woodward's new book. "I'm the first daughter" [Read More]
The White House has fired back against Bob Woodward's new book, which claims President Trump's top aides stole papers from the Oval Office and called... [Read More]
"Monica screamed, she cried, she pouted, and complained bitterly," Ken Starr writes in an NPR excerpt from his new memoir detailing initial interviews with Monica... [Read More]
In an interview about his new memoir, the former secretary of state reflects on his surprising friendship with John McCain... [Read More]
Steve Jobs's daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs recalls her father saying she smelled "like a toilet" while on his deathbed... [Read More]
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