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Ubisoft responds to the debate about the lack of player choice in the latest Odyssey DLC... [Read More]
Because you know that you need to 100% complete Red Dead 2 someday, even if it takes you hundreds of glorious hours... [Read More]
Get your Guardian gauntlets on this brand new resource, which you can swap for Wanted Bounties... [Read More]
A new currency for getting you high level loot in Forsaken... [Read More]
Details on soft level caps, hard level caps and tips for boosting that Power Level... [Read More]
Do not dismantle your Small Gift! Give it to these hidden cats instead... [Read More]
Spartan kicks in the face, goat butts, deadly side quests, enhanced combat and more... [Read More]
Because you know you want to see just how good this game is... [Read More]
Full RPG systems, more cutscenes than you can shake a stick at, romance for days, and a combat evolution... [Read More]
It's a bit of a quest, but it's well worth the effort... [Read More]
A guide on how to turn Cryo-Pod Defenders and Ether Ritual Investigations into Heroic Public Events... [Read More]
Prepare yourself for anger, passion, and a whole lot more time spent playing Destiny 2... [Read More]
An achievements system, brand new areas and an end-game locale to make you wince with joy, Forsaken might just be here to stay... [Read More]
One of the Tangled Shore's Lost Sectors contains more than we expected... [Read More]
Watch the opening mission of Destiny 2: Forsaken here, and prepare your tissue box now... [Read More]
There's a new, much gorier showdown in town and there's only one seat on the rescue chopper... [Read More]
Ignore the haters, playing as a woman in Battlefield 5 is better than I thought it would be... [Read More]
Our favourite little purple dragon is back and he's looking better than ever... [Read More]
From Software's new game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a brand new IP of samurai, ninjas, and grappling hooks... [Read More]
Whether you need to start dismantling now, what form The Dreaming City will take, and the return of lore (and dead ghosts) in a big,... [Read More]
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