Author: Sam Sorbo

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The horror the world witnessed last week with the mistreatment and ultimate death of toddler Alfie Evans was not simply the culmination of a flawed... [Read More]
Government encroachment into our homes must end. [Read More]
Says this faith-based producer and actress, 'Our nation must stop rejecting God if we want to come back from this destructive path'... [Read More]
American society used to be governed by Judeo-Christian do-unto-others morals. But we have drifted (been pushed, really) into a hedonistic YOLO (You Only Live Once)... [Read More]
'As the saying goes, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything — this is the fate of a culture that values self'... [Read More]
Melania boarded Air Force One Tuesday looking chic in her heels and carrying her own umbrella. She arrived wearing sneakers, ready to serve as she... [Read More]
CNN host Reza Aslan called President Trump a "piece of s**t" this weekend on Twitter, after Trump tweeted this about the London Bridge attack: "We... [Read More]
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