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This month, nearly 17 years after the 9/11 attacks and 10-years after breaking ground, Silverstein Properties opened the fourth of five office towers planned for... [Read More]
A low profile hasn't stopped the Canada's Brookfield from amassing some 400 million square feet of commercial space or from outperforming other global real estate... [Read More]
If privacy is dead anyway, you might as well get freebies, including credit monitoring, for sharing your secrets. [Read More]
In Las Vegas, the unemployment rate is rising and income growth is under-performing the nation as a whole. So why are home prices in the... [Read More]
Surreal estate. [Read More]
This house dubbed Opus was built by celebrated real estate developer Nile Niami, and was once listed for $100 Million. [Read More]
Like an app store, the new Blend Marketplace invites companies that service the mortgage industry to sell digital tools--APIs--through its platform. [Read More]
High average rent combined with low affordability and vacancy rates push The City of Angels to the top of Forbes' annual ranking of renter woe. [Read More]
Reasonably priced apartments, coupled with strong population growth and ample employment opportunities, earn the area the top spot... [Read More]
This 9,000 square-foot home in Los Angeles that showcases museum-quality construction and artful design is now on the market for $27 Million. [Read More]
Meet the neighbors. [Read More]
The current owner gut renovated the century old building in Manhattan's West Village and now has it on the market for $16.9 million. [Read More]
Two years after architect Zaha Hadid's death, her final works are nearing completion. [Read More]
The newly-constructed home is one of most expensive homes ever listed in the New York suburb, excluding the Hamptons. [Read More]
The creator of a drink popular with rappers built his dream home to look like Versailles. Now he's selling it. [Read More]
Live like a billionaire—Michael Dell and Thomas Tull—in one of their grand estates for sale. [Read More]
Places on the upswing. [Read More]
Places on the upswing. [Read More]
Places on the upswing. [Read More]
The Texas banker bought Dallas's historic Crespi Estate in 2016. He then sold it at auction in December 2017. [Read More]
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