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Sublime combat and an intriguing world marred only by sloppy stealth... [Read More]
We explore why The Division 2 is online multiplayer that Anthem should have been. [Read More]
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Don't judge prehistoric sim Dawn of Man by its tangle of menus and occasionally broken AI—beneath its rough exterior is a remarkably streamlined city builder... [Read More]
Paradox Interactive has been teasing a Vampire: The Masquerade announcement for months via an elaborate dating app alternate reality game, Tender. Today, it gave its... [Read More]
Bloody Palace has been a staple of the Devil May Cry series since the second game: the mode gives players a single life to slaughter... [Read More]
Purely on the strength of its visuals, Tales of the Neon Sea is one of the games I'm most excited about for this year—its ultra-stylish... [Read More]
The release of a free-to-play Final Fantasy fighting game on PC should be cause for celebration—but it appears 3v3 brawler Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free... [Read More]
Tags: lag - PC
If, like me, you like your city builders simple and relaxing then you should keep an eye on Islanders, which is coming to Steam on... [Read More]
Developers can now sell games to players directly through their own Discord chat servers, following the latest update to the platform.Devs can create a "store... [Read More]
Ever since EA opened the doors of Origin Access to other publishers last year, a steady stream of solid games have made their way to... [Read More]
The Sims 4 will stop supporting PCs with 32-bit operating systems in June, the development team has announced—but players with older systems will still be... [Read More]
Hideaki Itsuno, director of the Devil May Cry series, wanted to resign from Capcom after DmC: Devil May Cry, according to the voice and motion... [Read More]
Anime brawler Jump Force will get three new characters in a paid DLC in May, and another three in a second DLC pack in August,... [Read More]
"Kick doors, shoot bad guys" is almost everything you need to know about RICO, a co-op cop shooter that came out this week.You take on... [Read More]
Rhythm game Beat Saber, one of the best VR games around, has released its first paid DLC song pack—a collection of 10 tracks from Canadian... [Read More]
Battlerite Royale, the standalone battle royale spin-off of excellent MOBA brawler Battlerite, is gliding into Early Access on Wednesday, and to mark the occasion developer... [Read More]
Modern military multiplayer FPS World War 3 will enter Early Access on October 19 and will cost $28 (roughly £21), developer The Farm 51 has... [Read More]
A Swiss Super League match between Young Boys and FC Basel over the weekend was interrupted by protests against the growing influence of esports on... [Read More]
Fancy a Big Lebowski-inspired adventure about a hungover koala detective searching for his boyfriend while spouting Australian slang? I mean, you've probably never thought about... [Read More]
Maximum Action, an old-school shooter that just hit Early Access, reminds me of lots of different games. Visually, it looks like it's from the same... [Read More]
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