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6,400 employees and contracts work at the Canton assembly plant. [Read More]
To get qualified for this, there are several requirements like integrating apple apps into everyday use and teachers being highly proficient in the use of... [Read More]
Lt. Col. Cole retired from the military after 23 years of service. He also soared the skies as an American Airlines pilot, doing just what... [Read More]
Prosecutors tell us that should happen Wednesday. [Read More]
During Monday's meeting, topics like infrastructure and unfunded state mandates to local budgets were discussed during the meeting. [Read More]
Thousands remain without electricity. [Read More]
In February, 3 separate deadlines were set for the prisons to increase mental health staff. [Read More]
At the end of August, investigators were called to Baptist Memorial Hospital for a reported sexual battery of a juvenile. [Read More]
Investigators believe Bowens fired the shot that killed Aaron Fenton back on August 19th. [Read More]
Cantrell says the school resource officer at Belle-Shivers Middle School got a tip about the gun. [Read More]
The report states Mississippi tops at 37%. [Read More]
At a special called budget meeting Tuesday evening, councilmen chose to team up with Retail Coach to help bring new businesses to the "Friendly City." [Read More]
Dr. Floyd talked about the university's program that is science driven and trains dogs as a tool for bio-defense. [Read More]
Solomakos has a bond set at $1 million. [Read More]
Officials confirm the lake is overflowing, but dam has not yet burst. ... [Read More]
Bradberry will start those duties on Monday. [Read More]
The inmate has been identified as Johnny Payne. He was pronounced dead at Baptist Hospital. [Read More]
She's demanding at least $11 million for the years Harris spent in the Clay County Jail. [Read More]
Last month, the council voted cut the $100,000 annual payment to the Link. [Read More]
Mississippi has among the highest numbers of serious West Nile infections nationwide. [Read More]
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