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'Venom' and 'A Star Is Born' are just as unkillable as Michael Myers. [Read More]
'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' and 'Mid90s' opened in limited release yesterday. [Read More]
Michael Myers may just celebrate his 61st birthday with an $85 million debut weekend. [Read More]
Strong word of mouth, decent legs and a popular actor already in place as a popular arch villain puts a 'Venom' sequel in a happy... [Read More]
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As the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper musical romance powers past $100 million, there may be nothing that can stop it at next year's Oscars. [Read More]
'Ant-Man and the Wasp' is a smaller-scale MCU series around the world, but it's bigger than any solo Avenger in China. [Read More]
This looks both like a solid action movie and a comedically stereotypical Hollywood remake of a deeply cynical Mexican thriller. [Read More]
The movie is funny enough for the fans, but the franchise seems stuck in a prior era's variation of James Bond. [Read More]
'A Star Is Born' joins 'Greatest Showman,' 'Mamma Mia' and 'La La Land' in showing off the box office might of the live-action musical. [Read More]
The Oscar contender may yet leg it out over the next month, but now long legs and strong overseas numbers are a necessity. [Read More]
'Aquaman' will open on Dec. 7 in China, and it may want to open there in North America as well. [Read More]
'Aquaman' will open on Dec. 7 in China, and it may want to open there in North America as well. [Read More]
'Venom' affirms the superhero movie as the dominant form of live-action blockbuster. [Read More]
Because what worked for the first 'Avengers' will work just fine for the fourth 'Avengers.'... [Read More]
Will Smith as the Genie represents 'Aladdin's biggest commercial boost and its greatest artistic challenge. [Read More]
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Horror has become the best bargain in all of Hollywood. [Read More]
Recent history shows that 'Venom' can take a big drop this weekend and still come out okay in the end. [Read More]
The movie is a remake that is banking on folks not knowing or caring about the prior versions. [Read More]
Call it subtext made text, although it didn't help when DC hired the guy who directed 'The Avengers' to take over 'Justice League.'... [Read More]
Retired and active U.S. service members will be able to see 'First Man' for free on Thursday, October 11. [Read More]
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