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Disney Channel just dropped the first trailer for Dave Filoni's next 'Star Wars' show. [Read More]
'Crazy Rich Asians' is still on track for a $28-$32 million Wed-Sun debut. [Read More]
After a $5 million Wednesday gross, we're probably looking at a $25-$30 million Wed-Sun debut. [Read More]
The Peter Berg action flick is more complicated than it needs to be, and it proves to be a pretty hollow experience. [Read More]
'The Meg' is (thus far) the first big-budget Hollywood/Chinese release that is a hit in America and China. [Read More]
A clever use of incredibly popular IP which both promotes the movie and allows for a spoiler-free marketing campaign. [Read More]
The small screen adventures of 'Supergirl' and 'Batwoman' may trump their big screen counterparts. [Read More]
If 'Crazy Rich Asians' underperforms, it'll be a bigger blow to the studios than to the underrepresented demographics. [Read More]
If we're getting three MCU movies per year, we're going to have to start treating them like a DreamWorks Animation movie or Blumhouse flick. [Read More]
Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are better off earning less money for 'Star Trek 4' than not making 'Star Trek 4.'... [Read More]
'Venom' will stand out more this season as a four-quadrant superhero flick than as an R-rated, adult-skewing horror movie. [Read More]
You gotta deliver what you promise in the marketing, and you have to offer more than just "see a movie star cosplay your favorite movie(s)." [Read More]
Its visual luster and knotty cultural issues masks a painfully generic romantic comedy, complete with thin supporting characters and broad humor. [Read More]
'Eighth Grade' has topped $10 million domestic while 'Hotel Transylvania 3' is at $378 million worldwide. [Read More]
Tom Cruise's sixth 'Mission: Impossible' is still racing toward record-level sums for the 56-year old movie star. [Read More]
It would appear that folks would rather see Jason Statham fight a giant shark than watch him beat up bad guys. [Read More]
Spike Lee scored his biggest opening weekend in 12 years. [Read More]
Fallout' is still going strong even against an overperforming 'The Meg.'... [Read More]
Screen Gems and Sony's 'Slender Man' slightly overperformed on its opening day. [Read More]
is a thing I'm sure Jason Statham totally said while on the set of 'Hobbs and Shaw." [Read More]
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