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Oh, there are lots of reasons a victim of sexual assault doesn't report... [Read More]
The cost of wars is lost on us. We'd rather fight about who stands for a flag or anthem than realize how many people died... [Read More]
Now that shall can mean may for the purposes of dividend checks, it's only a matter of time before the Legislature drains the account that... [Read More]
An Alaska religious leader wants to allow faith-based groups to bar same-sex couples from adopting. What about mixed-race couples? What about couples with different religions? [Read More]
Saddling future generations with massive debt is generally not a good idea. In this case, according to the Legislature's own attorneys, it is likely also... [Read More]
This week a commonsense gun law stalled in the halls of Juneau because there are a few lawmakers who are afraid of the NRA. [Read More]
I can't concentrate on Mookie Betts' batting. [Read More]
I think political bodies are like airplanes. You need a right wing and a left wing to keep things steady and balanced. [Read More]
It would be great if the rising tide did float all boats, but too many Americans are being left behind. [Read More]
For all the bloviating for decades in Congress about "our children's futures," they haven't passed the simplest measures to leave a better planet for the... [Read More]
Are games really more important than the state of our democracy? [Read More]
Everyone out there can't be a Russian cyberbot. [Read More]
Rev. Undra Parker's scripture-studded argument also serves a waste of time and money better spent on helping people. [Read More]
Gun control is a nonstarter, so how about the simple decency of a Gun Violence Liability Trust? Buy a bullet, dress a wound. [Read More]
We're our neighbor's keeper, and no better time than when lowlanders need a hand to high ground. [Read More]
Trump administration proposals on treatment of transgender patients puts us on slippery slope to somewhere beyond America. [Read More]
We've got a good chance to step in that direction with the campaign of Alyse Galvin for Congress. [Read More]
Some thoughts about our future while reflecting on the antics of turkey-tripping ermine. [Read More]
We need to keep health care available and make it more affordable -- and we need to take care of our fisheries. [Read More]
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow heard the bells in his darkest hours. [Read More]
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