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For a fourth day, Fresno County court reporters and clerks picketed in front of the courthouse. [Read More]
Detectives believe he's the gunman who shot and killed a Kerman farmer after he pulled up to his property to see a truck being stripped. [Read More]
James Dean was defending his girlfriend last year when prosecutors say he brought a gun to an argument. [Read More]
Lorenzo Herrera's death was ruled a homicide, but his family has filed a lawsuit demanding change inside the Fresno County Jail. [Read More]
A man in a Florida community had his neighbors in an uproar because he refused to put on clothes to do yard work. [Read More]
The defense called their only witness to the stand in the re-trial of Jorge Rodriguez. He's accused of a double homicide in Southeast Fresno four... [Read More]
The victim's mother said she doesn't feel hate or wish death upon him for this act- that prosecutors say he admitted to. [Read More]
Rodriguez is accused of killing Jose Duenas and Calvin Reese Junior in Southeast Fresno four years ago. [Read More]
Multiple sexual assault charges were filed late Wednesday afternoon against a 24-year-old man that Fresno Police officials say raped and beat a woman in Central... [Read More]
A violent sexual assault suspect has been arrested after he allegedly assaulted and raped a woman in the area of Shields and Palm in Central... [Read More]
An emotional day today in court as a drunk driver was sentenced for killing a hard working man who came to the United States from... [Read More]
Joel Valera was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his neighbor Artie Gomez in a Fresno courtroom Thursday. [Read More]
Dr. Gopal showed graphic pictures for jurors to see the gunshot, directly to the right side of the chest that was determined to be fatal. [Read More]
Marisa Caballero said she knew her boyfriend by a completely different name than his true and legal name. [Read More]
Mollie Tibbetts' father lives in Fresno. His daughter's remains were found today in a rural cornfield in Iowa. [Read More]
Mollie's Father and step-mother have a home here in Fresno. They have not commented on the discovery. [Read More]
Mollie's father and step-mother have a home in Fresno. They have not commented on the discovery. [Read More]
Workers who thought they were showing up for bids at a Southeast Fresno home, were caught up in a sting by the State Contractor's Licensing... [Read More]
In just the past few days more than 50 people have been forced out of their homes by fires. [Read More]
The town of Stratford is without drinking water this evening after both of the wells, their water system runs on, failed. [Read More]
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