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A couple weeks ago the New York Times took the unprecedented action to withhold the name of an author of a guest opinion. Sources are... [Read More]
President Donald Trump calls the media "the enemy of the people." Even his own daughter says that isn't true. Yet, Trump makes the claim nearly... [Read More]
I was a proponent of healthcare reform. I believed something was seriously wrong with our healthcare system and changes were needed. But, something went wrong,... [Read More]
For months I have been calling for members to drop their membership to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and for the association to be abolished.... [Read More]
At the July 25 Price City Council meeting a resolution was approved to allow bonds to be issued for $1,876,000 for the purpose of building... [Read More]
When I was 55 I had a stroke. That was nine years ago. [Read More]
Just when I thought our president could not be worse, he is. [Read More]
For the past couple of years I've tried to figure out how all this happened. And I finally did! [Read More]
What would you do if your child was taken from you? I would probably get shot trying to get him or her back. [Read More]
The Carbon County Transportation and Recreation Special Service District (SSD) board has agreed to provide members additional compensation when they are required to go out... [Read More]
The election is over—momentarily. But, an even more important election is coming up in November. We will elect two new county commissioners. [Read More]
The Price City Council meeting of June 27 was filled with public hearings. [Read More]
If successful, a bill in the U.S. Congress may designate a new wilderness area, a new conservation area, a historic preservation site and a national... [Read More]
Whose responsibility is it to clean up the city? [Read More]
The 42nd annual Rocky Mountain Mine Rescue Association (RMMRA) competition was held last week. A team from Canyon Fuel Company, from the SUFCO mine, was... [Read More]
Watching the Castle Country Stockdog Trials last weekend reminded me how much I enjoy watching dogs work. [Read More]
If you couldn't find something to do in Carbon County last weekend, you didn't want to do anything. [Read More]
The birds are suing Donald Trump. [Read More]
Price City has authorized a bond in the amount of $606,000 for cemetery improvements and related matters. [Read More]
The Carbon County Recreation/Transportation Special Service District (SSD) has a long and complex history. Funds coming into the SSD have gone up and down over... [Read More]
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